Comments - Hyundai Goes Rallying with new i20 WRC

Published: Sep 27, 2012
Description: Having replaced the lackluster Getz in 2008, the Hyundai i20 may not be the first car to come to mind when you think of the World Rally Championship. (In fact, North American consumers probably wouldn...
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William Downs Sep 27, 2012
@ Brandon it's called ignorance, means u know everything about nothing
thelornin Sep 27, 2012
wont stand a chance against VW and citroen
Nick Schnee Sep 27, 2012
I actually like the concept of sub-compact hatches rallying, I mean, the classic Lancias weren't that huge either.
Biswajyoti Das Sep 27, 2012
Stop this mini hatch cars getting into rallying. I want to see cars like the Lancer Evo, Subaru WRX sti, Ford Focus, Dodge Dart do the rally!!
Zachary Fix Sep 27, 2012
Looks like they copied the 206 and the fiesta
Tanner Middleton Sep 27, 2012
friggin ass munchers took the 206 design
Sasa Jungic Sep 27, 2012
It looks great. More manufactures should join wrc. Toyota, maybe Audi A1 too.. It would be great. It's already better than just Ford vs Citroen
Puneet Dass Sep 27, 2012
That actually looks Decent. Definitely has the pocket rocket thing going ln
Description: Announced at the Paris Motor Show, the Korean automaker's new WRC program will supposedly be run in-house as opposed to outsourced to an independent racing team - although it failed to mention in...
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William Downs Sep 28, 2012
No cause a yaris is still just a slow car with a small engine, and don't flatter your self I'm hardly mad, this is a small nimble car with a tiny engine, huge hp for it and probally haul ass threw the twisties of the rally stages
Sean Gillespie Sep 28, 2012
@william. So with that said, a Toyota yaris would be monstrous with its 112hp since weighs almost nothing? I was simply giving an example of a car that had tons of power, not comparing them retard! It's so much fun making you mad!
William Downs Sep 28, 2012
Different type of cars, lets compare a 1.6 4 cylinder to giant v12 from Lamborghini... That's completely fair
William Downs Sep 28, 2012
High hp doesn't always mean its monstrous, this has 300hp and can make full use of every pony + it's light and nimble, for a rally car this thing would be monstrous like he said, why do dumb asses like u have to compare cars from 2 completely
Sean Gillespie Sep 28, 2012
@william. That's exactly my piont dumb A. Only 300hp is not "monstrous" like Brandon said. "Monstrous" would be the lambo aventador, not this piece
William Downs Sep 28, 2012
@sean maybe you should learn something, that 1.6 is gonna be pushing around 300hp with 4wd, But how can u learn anything when your being an ignorant d bag who obviously knows nothing about rally cars
Jason Brown Sep 28, 2012
Looks like a load of fun to drive.
Changkuk Hwang Sep 28, 2012
I think this car's cool
Sean Gillespie Sep 28, 2012
@Brandon... Haha don't make laugh. Monstrous huh? With it's 1.6 liter engine?! next time don't comment if you don't know anything. Champ
William Downs Sep 27, 2012
@sean... Hyundai has had rally cars before and they were successful
Avery Williams Sep 27, 2012
Hehe, dirt devil!
Sean Gillespie Sep 27, 2012
Haha! Hyundai doesn't stand a chance
Mykel Ireland Sep 27, 2012
I think it will be a nice return for them. There quality and performance has made a huge impact.