Comments - Ford Debuts New F-150 King Ranch in Texas

Published: Sep 27, 2012
Description: Texans love to say that everything is bigger and better in Texas. That extends to the the annual Texas State Fair, located in Dallas and dubbed the "Greatest State Fair in the World." While ...
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Simeon Prasad Nov 20, 2012
Still a square with four circles. Still ugly
Dustin Miller Oct 02, 2012
That is an ugly truck.
Description: The truck in question is the new 2013 Ford F-150 King Ranch, and with it comes a list of enhancements for the 3.7-liter V6-powered F-150. The King Ranch edition features what Ford calls "authenti...
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Paul Lissona Oct 01, 2012
I really only like the 5.0.
Kyle Gareau Sep 27, 2012
The king ranch can't be had with the 3.7, 3.5 twin turbo or 5.0 v8 only
Description: The latter carries the claim of best-in-class towing capacity with 11,300lbs. The king of pickups also features a two-tone color scheme, redesigned three-bar grille, optional HID headlights, chrome pa...
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Cory Wilhelm Sep 27, 2012
"Buyters"? Really? And that's a lot of land.
Adam Mitchel Oct 02, 2012
I know the headlights are like that because they're LEDs like most cars now a days but this looks weird. Ill have to get used to it
Description: "King Ranch is built on the heritage, hard work and innovation of seven generations of King family descendants and employees," notes Jamey Clement of King Ranch. "Just like what Ford ha...
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Brian Ball Sep 28, 2012
Always loved the leather used in the King Ranch, super soft, but VERY easy to scratch :-(
Patrick Schalk Sep 28, 2012
Yeah that it is pretty impressive leg room. Anyone been in a née Mega Cab Ram? Its like a hotel room.
Shane Carroll Sep 28, 2012
I'm not one for a fancy interior in a truck but that rear legroom is impressive
Emilio Luelmo' Sep 28, 2012
Yes nick you can get them out of Texas
Nick El-Khoury Sep 28, 2012
I'm a Texan, and so I see King Ranches all the time across the state. But just out of curiosity, is the king ranch sold outside of texas? I mean does anyone else see them at ford dealers in their state?
Taylor Garry Sep 28, 2012
Best leather you can get in my opinion. Just beautiful
Tyler Chess Sep 28, 2012
I like those seats
Adam Lopinsky Sep 28, 2012
Oh yeah. I've got a 2012 f150. That rear seat is fantastic
Matt Sutton Sep 27, 2012
Thats a nice amount of rear leg room.
Tony Flaherty Sep 28, 2012
Is this photo done by cgi. Where is the door pillar?