Comments - Benz Shocks Paris with Electric SLS

Published: Sep 27, 2012
Description: Mercedes-Benz is making a big mark on the 2012 Paris Motor Show by unveiling the new SLS AMG Electric Drive. The release of the new production electric supercar (known until now in prototype form as t...
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Joshua Sep 28, 2012
I mean... This has became my favorite car ever
Joshua Sep 28, 2012
Then had to read it again for the same expression
Joshua Sep 28, 2012
I made this face when about to finishing readig the first paragraph :O
Dan Rather Sep 28, 2012
Damn and all that torque is available at 0 rpm I can only imagine the pull with such high horsepower it must have an awesome power band
Jay Kolvenbag Sep 28, 2012
More than 700 hp from an electric car!
Jordan Smith Sep 27, 2012
I don't like EVs, at all, but props to Benz for this.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Sep 27, 2012
They did a great job of equalizing the hp and torque. Most EVs hav a lot of torque and ok hp
John Jenkins Sep 27, 2012
rimac concept one?
Walker Carroll Sep 27, 2012
747 ft lbs iof your is very is very impressive. But from an electric engine, that's the numbers that it should
John Serely Sep 27, 2012
747 hp? THAT is amazing
Matthew Mckernan Sep 27, 2012
I've never really liked the SLS, but 747 hp! That's insane!
Bobby Junior Sep 27, 2012
*smiling* "LOOK AT MY TEETH!"
Description: With four electric motors, the Gullwing EV is capable of accelerating from 0-62 mph in 3.9 seconds, reaching an electronically-limited top speed of 155 mph. (This despite a 60 kWh battery pack that we...
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Jose Miguel Fernandez Sep 28, 2012
What I find wired is that has about 200 less torque and hp and its 0-60 time is .2 sec faster
David Moskovic Sep 28, 2012
Form is not following function. This is akin to an old steam powered locomotive being fitted with a diesel engine with the smokestack staying on. This car was designed for a huge front mounted combustion engine.
Mario Callirgos Sep 27, 2012
Why so hostile Jason? The numbers are just not there for how much hp tq Or price! Not to mention the range is not good at all! I want a car I can drive every day and that doesnt have a short leash to my house!
Jason Brower Sep 27, 2012
Apparently 0-60 times and price are the only things people on this app care about... Do all of the real car enthusiasts here a favor and go buy a b series civic and modify it. Twenty grand of work into one of those will give you great 0-60.
Parker Lamoreaux Sep 27, 2012
Another reason why all-electric cars will never really catch on. Their range is pathetic. Around town is your only option with them. Not that I have the money to buy this car. Just my opinion.
Mario Callirgos Sep 27, 2012
The 0-60 is pretty lame also.. Boss 302 performance for sls money or more; that is disappointing
Thibault Leroy Sep 27, 2012
Top gear said mercedes was gonna offer a quick charging pack that charges it in 3h
Austin Sullivan Sep 27, 2012
@Ethan, when are you EVER going to drive faster than 155? I know it's not impressive compared to the numbers we see on here all day but come on, think a little bit.
Andy Clouthier Sep 27, 2012
Pretty much all German cars are electronically limited to 155. This is nothing new.
Ethan Amo Sep 27, 2012
You know, I hate to say it, but alot of other cars have a higher top speed for less's not that I don't like this car, but I'm against electric supercars
Dylan Bruder Sep 27, 2012
It would make battery life incredibly short and put alot of stress on the electric motor to wind up to that many rpms
Jahaziel Ortiz Sep 27, 2012
Electronically limited
Adam Gray Sep 27, 2012
Why do they limit the top speed to 155? Kinda disappointing with the HP and torque figures.
Description: "The SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive is setting new standards for cars with electric drives," says AMG chairman Ola Kallenius. "As the most powerful gullwing model ever, it is also represe...
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Chris Gaines Sep 27, 2012
like whatever creates that characteristic whirr sound could be tuned like an exhaust to create different running "notes" depending in the speed of the motors
Chris Gaines Sep 27, 2012
my opinion on electric sport cars aside, there is absolutely no reason why I would want to hear anything fake coming thru my speakers to simulate a ICE. I think mb should emphasize sounds of whatever moving parts create a more positive experience
Jordan Smith Sep 27, 2012
I agree. That's just straight up ridiculous. If you want the sounds of the engine just buy the real regular car.
Sebastian Grey Sep 27, 2012
Wait. So there are speakers that make a "vroom vroom" sound? That's hilariously ridiculous.
Johann Vella Sep 28, 2012
Can I apply for a Government rebate please? :-)
Matt Piccolo Sep 27, 2012
I love the color combo! Looks cool
Ben Doolittle Sep 27, 2012
Did they send it to Russia to get wrapped before these pics? I agree the lime green was very nice.
omarSV Sep 27, 2012
Agree with Maaz and Nick, i think the lime green on the original electric sls was much nicer! :)
Nick Schnee Sep 27, 2012
Love the colour, but the grille doesn't work to me.
Carlton Salmon Sep 27, 2012
Love the colour if this.
Preston Harris Sep 27, 2012
I'm sorry, but this is gorgeous
John Serely Sep 27, 2012
With the amount of power it has, I don't really care about the looks
Maaz Khan Sep 27, 2012
Too much electric blue, they could have left the grills silver/chrome
Description: To offset the added weight inherent in an electric powertrain, the SLS AMG Electric Drive is built around a lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque, featuring racing-spec pushrod shocks and carbon-ceramic ...
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Tara Fitria Sep 28, 2012
People who think they are saving the earth while driving electric cars are fooling themselves. The prius causes more environmental damage than a range rover.
Ben Norton Sep 28, 2012
Front intakes? Electric motors don't need air intakes...
Jordan Smith Sep 27, 2012
This car is more of a statement then a car. People would love to buy it to say, "Yeah, I'm saving the earth, and looking awesome while doing it." Personally I think it's ridiculous. Regardless, props to Benz.
Daniel Eads Sep 27, 2012
Ethan, seeing that there isn't really a competitor, this thing will sell like crazy. Just think of all those celebrates who would love a fast car but are almost forced by the media to buy a Prius.
Thibault Leroy Sep 27, 2012
Yeah thats over 200k more than the regular V8 model
Ethan Amo Sep 27, 2012
Haha, this car clearly won't be a big seller...even though it looks fantastic, bottom line is, it's electric...
Steve Liollio Sep 27, 2012
$550,00?? That's Mercedes for ya
John Jenkins Sep 27, 2012
I'm fairly certain most people dont drive their ferraris every day, nor every weekend for that matter. this isn't ridiculous at all for a crazy electric supercar
Albert Jaramillo Sep 27, 2012
Half a million dollars for a weekend driver??
Lando Peraza Sep 28, 2012
They should of gotten new wheels .....
Philipp Kentner Sep 27, 2012
I'm actually liking this wrap, and usually I'm not into chrome
Thibault Leroy Sep 27, 2012
Is that a little F1 style light in the back?
Carlton Salmon Sep 27, 2012
Looks a little odd without the quad pipes hanging out of the back.
Douglas Bailey Sep 27, 2012
I've never seen the ED logo before. Very clever. :)
Maaz Khan Sep 27, 2012
This is a nice shot!