Description: In what could be the most surprising dash-cam clip of them all, a truck driver in Russia quickly merged out of his lane to pass a stopped truck on the side of the road and, somehow, survived unscathed...
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Colby Church Sep 27, 2012
Haha, the guy's face is like "WTF?"
Serge Pankratov Sep 26, 2012
Lol thats exactly why they all have dash cameras.. Cuz crazy shit happens there all the time!
Phil McKrackin Sep 26, 2012
I like how he still has time to grab his jacket !
Nicholas Vincent Sep 25, 2012
Wanna know what I don't get? Is why every Russian car has a camera in it.. It's like they know something going to happen.
Isaias Almanza Sep 25, 2012
Yes it's to counter fraudulent insurance claims.
Pranay ImaGiraffe Person Sep 25, 2012
Do all rusians put cameras in front of their cars and record all day???
Brandon Fortson Sep 25, 2012
Ok driving in Russia is something I don't wanna do...
Matthew McPherson Sep 25, 2012
What is wrong with Russian drivers??
Dale Schroeder Sep 25, 2012
My grandpa always claimed it was safer to be thrown out of a vehicle in an accident rather than wear a seatbelt. This is probably the only time I would agree with him on that.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Sep 25, 2012
Hahaha he just walked it off
Rithhin Jawahar Sep 25, 2012
The one time when not wearing a seatbelt saved him!! :P
Isaias Almanza Sep 25, 2012
Damn! That truck totally just cut him off. I'd be raging.
Dylan Bruder Sep 25, 2012
Dang that's crazy
Darren Nardo Sep 25, 2012
Lucky MFer!!!!! Lol!!!!!
Cris Saldivar Sep 25, 2012
Haha man that was crazy
Carlton Salmon Sep 25, 2012
Blimey! What an amazing piece of luck he got out as if nothing had happened!
Elias Harb Sep 25, 2012
Ppl are surprisingly lucky in russia
Alex Renaud Sep 25, 2012
And although he totally lucked out here, he might have been worse off had he been wearing a seatbelt - thanks to a sudden deceleration that would have ensued.
Drew Storrusten Sep 25, 2012
Wow.... I mean..... Wow. How the hell does he not die from that. I mean I wouldn't wanna see him die, but his stupid ass should've been dead from that. I mean,,, SERIOUSLY! That's just lucky man. Quick reflexes yeah, or idl what to call it. Nevermind
Alex Renaud Sep 25, 2012
The driver being followed by the camera should have only crossed into the oncoming lane if there were no vehicles approaching. Because in general, head-on collisions are more deadly than rear-end ones.
Hasan Ibrahim Sep 25, 2012
Walks out like nothing happened. This guy is not easily impressed.
Aaron Sparks Sep 25, 2012
And that's why you always wear your seatbelt. Dude is extremely lucky to night be in the hospital or dead.
Sam Oglesby Sep 25, 2012
He dust have his seatbelt on then
Leigh Martin Sep 25, 2012
How in the hell?
Colby Church Sep 27, 2012
He's probably in shock. It's hard to comprehend everything in situation like that as soon as it happens. Lucky man though.
Ferrari Italia Sep 25, 2012
I knew we should have nuked them!
Ben Doolittle Sep 25, 2012
I would say that's the face of pure WTF shock.
Nick Benz Sep 25, 2012
Hes standing like that because he almost freaking died.
Aaron Sparks Sep 25, 2012
Standing there with the same face a prehistoric cave man would because he looks like he's got about the same amount of intelligence.