Comments - 1968 Shelby GT350 vs 2012 Boss 302

Published: Sep 25, 2012
Description: Carroll Shelby and the Ford Mustang have a famous and storied history. The Shelby Cobra is one of the hallmarks of the iconic designer's work and the 1968 GT 350 to this day remains a favorite of...
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Graham Young Sep 26, 2012
Yo car buzz once again your incorrect the 1968 GT350 was a HO "hi-po" 289 rated at 306 hp and 335ft-lb
David Parenti Sep 25, 2012
The 6cyl weighed 3100 lbs
Miguel Jimenez Sep 25, 2012
My first comment was a little over exaggerated they made closer to 300-350
Miguel Jimenez Sep 25, 2012
@David They weighed 3,100 pounds.
Miguel Jimenez Sep 25, 2012
Greg is right. Back in the 60's and 70's cars were measured by gross horsepower and were extremely underrated so this car mostlikley made 350-400HP at the fly wheel.
Greg Lewis Sep 25, 2012
If you actually believe that it only cranked out 235hp in '68, go back to racing civics! All of the numbers back in the day were lowered for insurance.
Oren Blumenstein Sep 25, 2012
and that's it took the boss off the line but fell behind right after that
Oren Blumenstein Sep 25, 2012
the boss makes max power and torque high end which means it has to rev up and that takes time but the shelby is all low end which it gets all its power right of the line. that makes for a quick start
David Parenti Sep 25, 2012
The boss can do an 11.7 stock on drag slicks that hook up.
Daniel Coop Sep 25, 2012
The BOSS should be in the 12s easily.
David Parenti Sep 25, 2012
The 68 should weigh approximately 3300 lbs while the boss weighs about 3600. The boss has far more hp and some more torque than a stock GT 350 , just sayin
Oren Blumenstein Sep 25, 2012
you're forgetting that in the60's they only had one thing in mind, drag racing those mustang weighed more than 1000 lbs leas than the new ones with all bottom end torque
David Parenti Sep 25, 2012
That GT350 is not stock to keep up with that boss the way it did. The boss has over 200 more hp compared to the stats on the Shelby and it stayed right there with it.
Description: Pitted against the 2012 Mustang Boss 302 with its 444-horsepower 5.0-liter Coyote engine, one would think the classic Ford wouldn't stand a chance. But that's where one would be wrong.
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William Delaney Sep 26, 2012
Most of you on here wouldn't even know a real Shelby if it smacked you in the face. Question: what kind of exhaust was put on a sixties Shelby and who put it there?
Phil Johnson Sep 26, 2012
I don't even care if the GT350 lost by a mile, it's still a better looking car
Miguel Jimenez Sep 25, 2012
Definitely has some upgrades now that I watch the vid.
Tim Preisinger Sep 25, 2012
Also most of the times you will find on these cars was with old school tires. Tire technology has come along way. Throw modern day slicks on some of the older cars and you will notice a pretty big difference.
Tim Preisinger Sep 25, 2012
David, you can't go by the HP number that cars back then were rated at. They were all under rated. This car realistically probably made another 75 horse or so over what it's rated. However,as Alex said it probably does have a few minor upgrades to it
Colby Church Sep 25, 2012
Grant and Erick are right, there is no way in hell that 1968 Shelby is stock. If it were, it would be much slower than it already is. It probably has a few minor upgrades with new suspension and soft drag tires. It definitely has over 325hp.
Alex Arvanitis Sep 25, 2012
Gt390's trapped 90mph stock. If this car is refreshed, original motor but decent cam, open headers, with jetted carb and on slicks, it'd easily trap 104 and run mid 13's. Solid cars from both generations!
David Parenti Sep 25, 2012
The Shelby weighs only 300 lbs less! The boss has 200 more hp and more torque! The Shelby is not stock, nuff said
Drew Storrusten Sep 25, 2012
@tim, completely right. Horsepower to weight ratio people.
David Parenti Sep 25, 2012
The Shelby is 300 lbs lighter than the boss. I'm sorry but that Shelby's not original. And probably has a stroker motor judging by the idle. Still cool though. My dad owned a nice 66 gt trunk car with a few mods and it only ran 14s
Tim Preisinger Sep 25, 2012
Erick. There are LOTS of people who drag older cars stock. Hell, there are even classes for it...
Erick Bernal Sep 25, 2012
Guys the Shelby is no way stock. It doesn't even sound close to stock and I'm pretty sure no one will drag race a 44 year old car without some upgrades.
Tim Preisinger Sep 25, 2012
It may or may not be stock. But if it isn't stock, I'm pretty sure it only has a few minor upgrades. Remember there is a pretty big difference in weight. It's not JUST horsepower and torque that win races.
Darren Nardo Sep 25, 2012
Don't think that Shelby was stock either but really cool race non the less !!
Drew Storrusten Sep 25, 2012
Yeah ha!!!!!! That was pretty sick. Go classics!!! Good ol' fashioned carbs and maybe a point distributor! :D good run!
Tara Fitria Sep 25, 2012
Mustangs have been growing on me.
Tim Preisinger Sep 25, 2012
Beautiful GT350. I love to see the old school cars still keeping up with the modern day ones
Ken Lee King Siang Sep 25, 2012
68 so quick off the line
Erick Bernal Sep 26, 2012
I meant on the streets
Miguel Jimenez Sep 25, 2012
@Erick if you watch the video they were using slicks.
Erick Bernal Sep 25, 2012
I wonder how they ever caught with those pizza cutters.
Alex Arvanitis Sep 25, 2012
Such a steezy cruiser... So clean
Pagani Gtr Sep 25, 2012
I have one of these and it is so much fun to drove
Alex O'Brian Sep 25, 2012
I will trade my 2013 stang for this
John M Weishahn Sep 25, 2012
Good point, Stephen. Shelby builds very powerful cars, but they're mainly straight line machines. Roush and Boss 302 are way more track capable.
Miguel Jimenez Sep 25, 2012
The Boss is better than GT IMO!
Tyler Tarbox Sep 25, 2012
Ok well I guess having a Boss doesn't necessarily mean you can't afford the Shelby. Not the smartest comment by me... Lol
Stephen Cobbs Sep 25, 2012
Boss 302 is way more track-oriented then the GT500. Nothin to do with price.
Alex Semaan Sep 25, 2012
Dylan and Shelby are right for the most part, but i honestly would buy the 302 if i didnt have the money for a shelby haha.
Shelby Cassandra Sep 25, 2012
@Tyler. I have a white boss 302. I could have bought a Shelby but I opted for one of these. Has nothing to do with the money.
Dylan Bruder Sep 25, 2012
Different type of customer if you ask me
Tyler Tarbox Sep 25, 2012
If you can't afford a GT500...