Comments - 1930 Ford Model AA Popcorn Wagon up for Auction

Published: Sep 25, 2012
Description: If you liked the Coca-Cola-liveried Ford panel truck from yesterday, the annals of nostalgia have another prime example in store for you. This Cretors popcorn truck, based on a 1930 Ford Model AA, is ...
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Nick Schnee Sep 25, 2012
It still had just as much horsepower :P
Jordan Smith Sep 25, 2012
Hells yeah. I've been looking for a popcorn truck.
John Serely Sep 25, 2012
Hmm...I think it's pretty badass
Description: Replacing an earlier horse-drawn popcorn carriage and the steam-powered versions that followed, this half-ton truck - first introduced in 1928 - banked on the success of movie-theater popcorn (where i...
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Lando Peraza Sep 25, 2012
And u though they would clean and restore that shit up!
Lando Peraza Sep 25, 2012
How about cleaning it? It won't hurt anybody..