Comments - Schumacher's 1998 Ferrari F300 up for Auction

Published: Sep 24, 2012
Description: Though he may have fallen off pace since returning from retirement, in the decades immediately preceding and following the turn of the millennium, there were no drivers in Formula One like Michael Sch...
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Chang Chen Sep 24, 2012
Get ur fact straight, Schumacher's lack of pace is none other than Mercedes' failure to produce a competitive car.
Jason Villwock Sep 25, 2012
Those barcodes are subliminal Marlboro adverts
Sam Oglesby Sep 24, 2012
No they are sold a few years later when the technology is outdated
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Sep 24, 2012
I thought that every single ferrari F1 car was burned after racing for not being copied
Redge Diakité Sep 24, 2012
@Brandon Well if you're in Asia I forgot exactly where you could try to do like the Pagani Zonda R owner who made it street legal ;)
Ben Webb Sep 24, 2012
Why did they ruin it by taking off the marlboro stickers
Paul Pickard Sep 24, 2012
Not a chance in America.
Brandon Lidy Sep 24, 2012
I know it wouldn't be practical, but anyone think you could make this street legal ?
Description: The 1998 Ferrari F300 packed a high-revving 3.0-liter V10, but despite inferior aerodynamics to Mika Hakkinen's McLaren, it still took six grand prix wins and finished on the podium in all but th...
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Danny Rodriiguez Sep 25, 2012
In some cases yes is
Danny Rodriiguez Sep 25, 2012
In racing you dont need MPG asap
Greg Lewis Sep 25, 2012
Yeah yea, high rpms.... But what's the mpg? Lol
Chang Chen Sep 24, 2012
There's no redline in F1, just rev limit. During 98 season the rev limit is 20k rpm. Ferrari went from v12 to v10 from 96, during 98 season the engine is not the most powerful compare to Renault and Mercedes' engine.
Michael Davidson Sep 24, 2012
That engine's probably got a 20k redline.
Description: RM Auctions has yet to release its pre-sale estimated price, but it will be hitting the auction block at London's Battersea Park on October 31, where it could prove a moneyed enthusiast's be...
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Chris Penza Sep 25, 2012
Driving one of these is my dream
Emil Creed Kleijsen Sep 25, 2012
@ashen nowadays they focus more on how the air flows through the car instead of around it, so the inside is really aerodynamic x) that's probably the reason
Ashen Fonseka Sep 24, 2012
The new ones don't look as aerodynamic but apparently they are
Cearbhall Beggan Sep 24, 2012
Shame F1 cars don't look like this any more...
Walker Carroll Oct 01, 2012
This would be a V10 dream
Redge Diakité Sep 24, 2012
It would be fun but we couldn't even get out of the pit lane :D
Dylan Bruder Sep 24, 2012
That would be fun
Ashen Fonseka Sep 24, 2012
The tire are wider than the car
Noah Gavurin Nov 01, 2012
for the radio headset to talk to your pit crew
Quinn Rogers Sep 28, 2012
One of the buttons says radio...