Comments - Rare Smart Crossblade up for Auction

Published: Sep 24, 2012
Description: With Smart city cars populating downtown streets in cities around the world, there might not be very much that's rare about Daimler's smallest product. But in 2002, the company unveiled the ...
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Michael Davidson Sep 24, 2012
Mannnnn!!! I glanced at the title and thought they said Fireblade. As in a superbike engine in this smart car :(
Mike Trikalakis-Deliyannis Sep 24, 2012
Rare: yes, useless: pretty much, worth to pay a high price for: definitely NOT. You can pick one of these up in Greece (yes, we had some over here) for small cash, so not worth going to an auction for these. Actually they would make funny golf-carts if you think about it....
Faduque Madiq Sep 06, 2013
Haha! Ferrari cant drag
Faduque Madiq Sep 06, 2013
He should make a plate that says "shit" and sell it for 10 million!
Pagani Gtr Sep 24, 2012
I think it looks ok but who would drive it on the road
Cody Gillard Sep 24, 2012
Complete morons i think not if you want this then i think that you should get on writing your death note seriously a horrible car the only thing it does well is mpg
Dale Schroeder Sep 24, 2012
At first glance I thought some madman had taken a power saw to a Fortwo and made a DIY convertible. But no, it's some other kind of craziness altogether.
Jared Michael Scalla Sep 24, 2012
Who would buy this piece of shit ?
Mark Donnelly Sep 24, 2012
thats one fancy but useless luxury golf cart
Babaloo Anderson Sep 24, 2012
Wow they made it more deadly if your in an accident
Peter Rotta Sep 24, 2012
My neighbor has 4 of these
Description: That may not seem like much, but represented a significant bump over the base model's 50 or 61 hp engines. The vehicle remained a rare bird of sorts, but Robbie Williams bought one, prompting a m...
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Gustavo Kelso Sep 15, 2013
Giada also has one.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Sep 24, 2012
Ultimate machine for the mall cops.
Bennie Andthe Jets Sep 24, 2012
That's one fancy mobility scooter
Cody Gillard Sep 24, 2012
Lol there would be no cab if you put a v8 in it