Comments - New Porsche GT3 Spotted Naked in Spain

Published: Sep 24, 2012
Description: Ever since the introduction of the new Porsche 911, enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new GT3. And we've got good news for them as a trio of the upcoming performance-focus...
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Jason Ortiz Oct 19, 2012
I can not wait for the reviews!
David Moskovic Sep 24, 2012
Two GT3 RSs, one base GT3, or possibly Two GT3s, one GTS...
Matt White Sep 24, 2012
2 are gt3s. One is not
尤品敦 Sep 26, 2012
US edition in Europe lol
Chris Penza Sep 25, 2012
What a beauty! I'm loving this
Jorge Gonzalez Sep 24, 2012
Is this the new one?
Carlton Salmon Sep 24, 2012
If the 991 GT3 looks this good, the GT3 RS will look even more stunning. I for one can't wait. Hopefully there'll be a manual option too.
John Serely Sep 24, 2012
@zachary your are correct.
Dennis Choong Sep 24, 2012
I'm really curious what engine it'll be using
Dillon Magee Sep 24, 2012
Even better than the old one. And I loved the old one.
Ryan Rainville Sep 24, 2012
When are we gona c the rs?
Zachary Maurer Sep 24, 2012
John is in heaven, a new gt3
Paul Lissona Sep 24, 2012
They look tough.
John Serely Sep 24, 2012
Oh hell yea! That is great
Paul Dickey Sep 24, 2012
I'm not a Porsche fan but this...this is orgasmic.
August Burrichter Sep 24, 2012
Anybody have a spare change of pants?
Description: That means a large rear wing and front air vent of the GT3, with twin centrally-mounted exhaust pipes protruding from the rear. Other features identifiable in the photos and brief video clip are the 2...
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Jeffrey Telmo Sep 24, 2012
I heard it that did not sound good
Graham Young Sep 24, 2012
Did anybody else hear that tapping in that first cars engine?
Description: The prototypes are said to have been testing at the IDIADA test track in Tarragona with PDK dual-clutch transmissions delivering the power to the rear wheels instead of a traditional stick-shift setup...
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James E Caldwell Sep 26, 2012
PDK?!? The GT3 is a drivers car. Proper manual is the only way to go.
Tyler Brady Sep 24, 2012
This is why I am busting my butt in dental school!!!
Matt Piccolo Sep 24, 2012
Oh wow they deleted the first comment... I had blue yellow and white lol
Dillon Magee Sep 24, 2012
1 black, 1 blue, and 1 white for me please!
David Eslava Sep 24, 2012
@Tanton the ones with the small plates on them are US-spec bumpers
Harrison Trapnell Sep 24, 2012
3 black awesome looking Porsche's... But will it blend?
Tanton Stoneman Sep 24, 2012
Has anyone noticed that all of their rear fascias are different?
Elias Harb Sep 24, 2012
I dnt know y but im starting to like 911's
Paul Lissona Sep 24, 2012
I've had like three black cars, I had to wash them almost everyday.
Paul Lissona Sep 24, 2012
Yah blue is my favorite always.
John Serely Sep 24, 2012
1 black 1 red and one blue for me
Paul Dickey Sep 24, 2012
Good choice. I was trying to decide between orange and yellow.
Matt Piccolo Sep 24, 2012
1 blue and oh heck why not 1 yellow
Paul Dickey Sep 24, 2012
Ill take three. One in black. One in blue. And hmmm...I'm thinking orange for the last one.
Carlisle Watts Oct 07, 2012
Those two first ones have odd bumper covers. Idk what's up with the third one now
Chris Penza Sep 25, 2012
I think we all do
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Sep 24, 2012
Look at that ass. LOOK AT IT!
Cødy Flesch Sep 25, 2012
The back looks like it has a creepy smile
Paul Pickard Sep 24, 2012
This bumper doesn't look right
Cody Gillard Sep 24, 2012
Wow like it looks really nice and more put together unlike the older gt3 anybody else see it
Walker Carroll Sep 24, 2012
It's because this is not an official final car. It can't have their name on it if it hasn't been officially released
Thibault Leroy Sep 24, 2012
whats the point of taking off the porsche badge i mean its not like someone is gonna mistake it for any other car
Carlton Salmon Sep 24, 2012
@ Dillon. The carbon ceramic brakes would be a dull charcoal grey in colour, plus Porsche usually paints the calipers yellow to identify they are such brakes.
Christopher Melendez Sep 24, 2012
actually those are steel breaks
Dillon Dixon Sep 24, 2012
Carbon Ceramic, right? Since they are painted grey.
Das Stig Sep 24, 2012
those wheels are sick. love this car.