Description: Evo Diaries' Harry Metcalfe has driven some of the most expensive, most luxurious and most powerful cars on the planet. The veteran British journo waxed poetically about the character of the Huay...
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Dylan Bruder Sep 23, 2012
Ooh nice match up
Description: Both the Huayra and the Vitesse Roadster carry price tags well north of one million dollars. As a quick refresher, the Huayra is powered by an AMG twin-turbo 6.0-liter V12 good for 700 horsepower and ...
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Josh Hooper Jan 17, 2013
Anybody else see the Zonda Cinque at 3:02?
Thibault Leroy Sep 27, 2012
@Brandon sorry i meant to say 330kph XD my bad
Sean Mitchell Sep 25, 2012
I watched it and I live in Florida?
Michael Riley Sep 24, 2012
Not available in US. idk how Jorge saw it, in in Cali too
Jorge Gonzalez Sep 24, 2012
I live in Cali and it let me watch it. Strange.
David Buck Sep 24, 2012
Both are exotic but would go for the more formula 1 feel, HYDRA 100%! Oh and fix ur euro S#!t ! Ty
Jared Oteri Sep 24, 2012
Absolute bull! I can't watch it cause I live in the states lol wtf I've never seen something like this
Jr Dawkins Sep 24, 2012
Is this video really not available in the US?? That's the error I'm getting..
Thibault Leroy Sep 23, 2012
I love how when he gets to 220 in the vitesse it doesnt seem that much for a veyron cause you got almost another 100 to go but to other super cars 220 is a high top speed XD i love the vitesse, i also love the huyra though
John Jenkins Sep 23, 2012
the Bugatti would win the race unfortunately, maybe not around a track though.
Dylan Bruder Sep 23, 2012
I saw it was hoping for a race though oh well
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Sep 23, 2012
Video not available
Mark Donnelly Sep 23, 2012
the huayra will all way be in my top favorite cars on beauty, class, and performance. Also i spy a wiessman (correct me if i spelt that wrong)
David Eslava Sep 23, 2012
What a nice chap he is, I really admire him.
Paul Lissona Sep 24, 2012
Yah dang that's nice contrast, that's how I like it.
Graham Young Sep 24, 2012
That blue carbon is so fu:kin cool
Julio Morales Sep 23, 2012
I choose the koenigsegg agera r is verter n have a top speed of 440km/h
John Jenkins Sep 23, 2012
for a Bugatti, this looks good.
Zaire Wilkins Sep 23, 2012
those rims remind me of dodge
Dillon Magee Sep 23, 2012
Agreed, the blue/black two tone looks great.
Matteo Pereira Sep 23, 2012
I love that blue
Justin Mancuso Sep 24, 2012
Italy and France
Paul Lissona Sep 24, 2012
Where are these weird cars made?
Ross Taylor Sep 23, 2012
Now we're this car
Dylan Bruder Sep 23, 2012
The flaps are awesome
Jason Brower Sep 23, 2012
The zonda is a fundamentally different car. I prefer it because the zonda seems much more focused on being a brutal sports car than the huayra.
William Downs Sep 23, 2012
I hate this cars front end and hate the zondas rear, this cars rear end is nice as hell
Justin Mancuso Sep 23, 2012
No it's not bad,I still the the Zonda is the best looking car ever made,and it seems more pure than the huayra.
Austin Bride Sep 23, 2012
Is it bad I still prefer The zonda?
William Downs Sep 23, 2012
Aww catfish got no love, I'll take u over the giant whale anyday
Zaire Wilkins Sep 23, 2012
lol after a hard day of sporty driving i tricked my sister and told her to touch the front right brake disc
Zaire Wilkins Sep 23, 2012
ohhh shit i take that back i just looked at the horrible graphics
Zaire Wilkins Sep 23, 2012
nooo lol we were saying it looks like a shot from forza but i think this car would do better in horizon
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Sep 23, 2012
No its def in Forza. I have 2 in my garage. Its in a car pack
Bradley Masonn Sep 23, 2012
This car isn't even on forza, I was playing it today lol
No Pistons Sep 23, 2012
NFS shift 2 I believe
William Downs Sep 23, 2012
Graphic look choppy as hell probaly some computer game
William Downs Sep 23, 2012
That's deffinatly not forza or forza horizon
Kyle McCullough Sep 23, 2012
Some nice glowing brakes there
Avery Williams Sep 23, 2012
Those front brakes must be scorching hot!