Comments - Honda Aims New Civic Type R at Nurburgring Record

Published: Sep 23, 2012
Description: Honda is on the brink of a product offensive, bringing a variety of new models to markets around the world. As we headed into the weekend, the Japanese automaker announced a handful more. Most enticin...
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AngryMage Mage Sep 24, 2012
The face is not good
Description: In announcing its successor, Honda CEO Takanobu Ito didn't reveal any specific details, only to say that the new Type R will be available in Europe (but don't hold your breath on US availabi...
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Graham Browne Sep 24, 2012
Should be interesting, as a RS fan I would like to see them try!
Description: Motorbike riders, meanwhile, will also be happy to hear that Honda is planning a new top-of-the-line super-sportbike. Modeled after the racing bikes which Honda fields in the MotoGP series, the new mo...
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John Serely Sep 23, 2012
I don't like these at all. I'd rather have any of it's competitors without a doubt
Matt K. Hawj Sep 23, 2012
These new Civics are ugly. The shape of it looks more like a Beetle than a hatchback.
Matt Piccolo Sep 23, 2012
I love these type r's! They look sick
Nick Schnee Sep 23, 2012
I LOVED this gen of Civics. The new model just doesn't look right with that huge taillamp(s).
William Downs Sep 23, 2012
Nah Hondas used to actually look ok before they did that redesign in 2006 then there cars just got uglier and less sporty every time they changed it
Barry Boo Wilson Sep 23, 2012
Honda's line up is stuck in the past!
Shaniqua Latisha Sep 24, 2012
Having a tumor??
Kevin Carlin Sep 24, 2012
Why is this even in here?
Ray Liu Sep 23, 2012
The back of this car is like it's having a tumor...
Matt Piccolo Sep 23, 2012
I like the headlights on the American version better!
William Downs Sep 23, 2012
Tony Farrel Sep 26, 2012
My dad had one, said its faster than his 1100cc mv agusta race bike. 2 stoke <3
Terrance Parker Sep 23, 2012
I love this bike.
William Downs Sep 23, 2012
Damn that's an old bike but still looks good