Comments - Bikini Girls in 900hp Mitsu Evo Heaven

Published: Sep 23, 2012
Description: Obviously impressed with the results of the first video that saw glamour models Elaina Christina and Stephanie Bernota go wild in a 900-horsepower Nissan 240SX, TR3 Performance has quickly teamed up t...
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Description: Next up the bikini babes are set for a ride in a Porsche 911 Turbo S, which should make for equally compelling viewing. Dual front airbags optional.
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Anthony J. Mitchell Sep 26, 2012
Fake tits don't move very well.
Barry Stewart Sep 24, 2012
Looks don't really mean much this day & age, to some ppl these girls are preferred, much like that plain Jane Chrysler 200... Smh
Paul Lissona Sep 24, 2012
Yah Idk if I like blondes face, but girl in back yah,
Michael Dunn Sep 23, 2012
The blonde isn't even hot
Gabriel Cetean Sep 24, 2012
Good idea with the bathing suits, in case they get wet...
Michael Mele Sep 24, 2012
I thought this was a car blog... How much horse power do those boobs have!
Jorge Gonzalez Sep 24, 2012
The one in the green shuts it down.
Paul Dickey Sep 23, 2012
Home girl is busted.