Comments - Unique of the Week: 1939 Joe Shaheen Midget Racer

Published: Sep 22, 2012
Description: While vintage race cars aren't too difficult to find, properly restored ones in show condition are a slightly different story. Whether a famous name was once behind the wheel or not will certainl...
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Rick Walling Sep 23, 2012
Being from Winchester,in home of the worlds fastest half mile high bank speedway.i can see this turning laps there and really love the restoration quality that is displayed here!worlds fastest depends on who u talk to as the Salem,in track is a sister to winchester
Description: For example, NASCAR came into being simply due to necessity: bootleggers greatly improved the power and speed of their road cars in order to outrun the authorities while smuggling booze from down Sout...
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Description: One of his ventures was the construction of a quarter-mile dirt oval track on the site of an old dairy farm. The "Springfield Speedway" opened sometime in the late 1940s and Shaheen took on ...
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John M Weishahn Sep 22, 2012
This car has lived in my dreams since I was little. Perfection.
Description: Number 39, which is featured here today, was originally powered by a stock 60 horsepower flathead V8, but the car was put into storage until after World War II. In 1946, Shaheen hired the same two men...
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Nick Schnee Sep 22, 2012
60hp V8 XD Must've been a lot back then.
Description: The car ended up sitting in a basement for nearly 50 years before it was found. The restoration process soon began and it wasn't completed until 2006 with no expenses spared. By using mostly rebu...
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Guo-Sheng Huang Sep 24, 2012
It would be convenient when run out of gas.
Jorge Gonzalez Sep 24, 2012
Man that thing will take your legs off, it's awesome.
Michael Page Sep 22, 2012
That would make me so nervous to drive above the trans axle like that. Sign me up!!
Description: Behind this lies custom fabricated three-piece aluminum hood hangs above bespoke leather latches. There are many, many other wonderful pieces of craftsmanship throughout and we recommend for you to ch...
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Skylar Drake Sep 22, 2012
That seems cheap.