Comments - Girls Go Wild for 900HP Nissan

Published: Sep 22, 2012
Description: The timeless combination of girls and cars comes in many guises, from bikini-clad hotties washing cars to Playboy models reviewing supercars in provocative attire.
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Jarrett Sheppard Oct 07, 2012
Scramble boost button sweetheart!
Nick Jones Sep 23, 2012
Good thing it's an automatic so they all can drive it(;
Vishal Dhillon Sep 22, 2012
Get ther bikinis off
Guo-Sheng Huang Sep 22, 2012
When we gonna see somebody do off-road?
Description: Yet nothing gets us as hot under the collar as watching glamour models being taken for a joyride in a monstrously fast car. This latest video came about when two stunning models, who were working on a...
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David Liebe Hart Sep 28, 2012
Hell yeah for the S14, and the fine ladies
Ryan Patrick Clauson Sep 22, 2012
Wonder if it has the rb26dett in it
Vishal Dhillon Sep 22, 2012
Take her dress away
Carlton Salmon Sep 23, 2012
Brunette very cute and very fit.