Posted on: Sep 22, 2012
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Girls Go Wild for 900HP Nissan

Bikini-clad brunette and blonde scream with joy as a twin-turbo Nissan 240SX takes them for a ride.
The timeless combination of girls and cars comes in many guises, from bikini-clad hotties washing cars to Playboy models reviewing supercars in provocative attire.

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Yet nothing gets us as hot under the collar as watching glamour models being taken for a joyride in a monstrously fast car. This latest video came about when two stunning models, who were working on a photo shoot for TR3 Performance, were taken for a spin in a 900-horsepower twin-turbo 1998 Nissan 240SX that clocks the quarter mile in 9.3 seconds. The result was impressive enough for the producers to plan further installments, so watch this space.

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by Adam Lynton
Girls Go Wild for 900HP Nissan
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