Comments - Rolls-Royce Planning an SUV?

Published: Sep 21, 2012
Description: Though it's technically a sedan, the Rolls-Royce Phantom is bigger than many sport-utility vehicles. But demand for rough-and-tumble SUVs at the top end of the market could press the Goodwood-bas...
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John Jenkins Sep 22, 2012
escalade is gonna be the broke fool car when this comes out
Larry Atwood Sep 22, 2012
Good big is the thing going to be.
Nicolas Pons Sep 21, 2012
Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! The modernity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Moreno Sep 21, 2012
that would be rediculous it would look like the luxurious cousin of the hummer
Теодор Петрунов Nov 19, 2012
Rolls royce suv ? Wtf
Sam Biggin Sep 23, 2012
4x4 Rolls Royce! Amazing will just leave the range rover for the peasents
Oscar Arias Sep 22, 2012
Yes but my point is that, It's not like any of our opinions matter to them.
John Jenkins Sep 22, 2012
if they do this it needs to e way bigger than an x5.
Walter Alexander Thomas Sep 22, 2012
Not sure about this
supra_mkiv Sep 22, 2012
it's not bad. what is bad is that if they did make an suv it would seem to kill the tradition. I feel Bentley did just that.
Hemmo Karja Sep 22, 2012
Yes, this makes me angry.
Hemmo Karja Sep 22, 2012
This is a bad bad idea. First of all they dont need a suv. Like someone said not every car company have to make a suv! And if they really think they need it, they souldnt make it look so damn ugly and cheap! AND. What the HELL is up that paintjob???
Nicolas Pons Sep 21, 2012
Please let him be an intern who doesn't have the first thing to do with rolls Royce
Bill Estep Jr Sep 21, 2012
It reminds me of the Porsche suv
Paul Dickey Sep 21, 2012
Brandon and Oscar you two do realize this is a car app where people who like cars discuss them. If we all went by your criteria for talking about cars then this app would be pointless.
Ryan Spencer Sep 21, 2012
If they do ahead with this, it will probably be based on the X5. Could be good
John Serely Sep 21, 2012
To be honest, I would not mind this. That being said, I am "pro-SUV/sedan" for ultra-premium manufacturers. I think as long as they look good and are true to the brands identity, the go for it.
Jordan Jackson Sep 21, 2012
Plus an SUV would provide even more (as if the phantom or ghost don't have enough) room on the interior and would allow for more than three passengers
Jordan Jackson Sep 21, 2012
Actually, an SUV makes more sense for RR to make than Lambo or Aston Martin, it'll compete withe bentley's SUV when it's released
Dillon Magee Sep 21, 2012
I think that if they changed the design, it could be a good idea. This however, is ugly.
Chayton Kaes Garverick Sep 21, 2012
just get rid of the gold piece and its great
Lee Goodman Sep 21, 2012
looks pretty good look roles rolyce
Thibault Leroy Sep 21, 2012
@Oscar because we are gearheads and we dont like to see a good company make a horrible car but this is just a rendering anyways
Oscar Arias Sep 21, 2012
Why are u guys all butt hurt for?? It's not like any of u guys could afford it (including myself). Worry about it when it actually affects u.
Jake Marra Sep 21, 2012
Awfull i hate the look but if anyone wants relitivtly the same look just get and audi
Thibault Leroy Sep 21, 2012
God this looks bad
Alex Renaud Sep 21, 2012
I realize that this is a rendering, but dear God, this is a bad idea, especially in principle.
Rithhin Jawahar Sep 21, 2012
Tell me that's a joke!! O.o
Jimmy くる Sep 21, 2012
Why did they get rid of the suicide doors
Malachi Monteiro Sep 21, 2012
@paul Crossover is the correct term I believe.
Paul Lissona Sep 21, 2012
That's not an suv, that's a wagon or something.
Jordan Gill Sep 21, 2012
No. Seriously, not every company needs a damn SUV! I mean really...
Esam Mohammad Sep 21, 2012
Never ever try this rolls !! This looks cheap
Andrew Hubbard Sep 21, 2012
They should never do this. I do not think of super luxury in a damn SUV. The new phantom though :D I NEED
Clay Williams Sep 21, 2012
Not every company in the frickin world need an SUV!!!!!!!!!
Taylor Garry Sep 21, 2012
Yeah looks real great with the poop smeared on the hood
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Sep 21, 2012
That looks awesome
Stephen Reed Warren II Sep 21, 2012
Come on rolls.... Don't give in!!
Description: At this point it would be too early to say what the SUV would encompass, but if approved, we'd expect it to pack a V12 (likely the 6.6-liter twin-turbo from the Ghost) and incorporate the very pi...
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JB Kolod Sep 21, 2012
They should definitely go ahead with this.
Tyler Calabretta Oct 22, 2013
Looks just like the Audi allroad
Ahmed Al Harthy Mar 21, 2013
John Jenkins Sep 22, 2012
it should be taller so rappers can but bigger rims on it
Alvaro Perez Sep 22, 2012
I like the paint job on this on instead of the first
Blake Antil Sep 21, 2012
It's really not that bad. The Lamborghini Urus is better but pretty nice.
Benni Serious Sep 22, 2012
I have to admit that i like it in a way. But its pointless: coz i could never afford one and there is the Range Rover already (which also could never afford).
Walter Alexander Thomas Sep 22, 2012
OMG!!!!!!! I am about to start counting my pennies. Lol so beautiful.
Rocky Rocker Sep 21, 2012
I can't help it, but this just doesn't work for me as an Luxury SUV.
Jordan Jackson Sep 21, 2012
Yea I never understood the hate thrown at this thing, just change a few minor details like the fog lights and its a fine looking SUV
Theviper007 Sep 21, 2012
Wut about the urus
Daniel Eads Sep 21, 2012
Same here, it's not that bad.
Andrew Hubbard Sep 21, 2012
I actually like this
Benni Serious Sep 22, 2012
The new ghost styled headlights look great on the Phantom
Nicolas Pons Sep 21, 2012
Though the ghost is the cheaper, I prefer it's design