Comments - Playboy Bunny Shares Phantom’s Spirit of Ecstasy

Published: Sep 21, 2012
Description: Following her bikini-clad car-washing exploits last week, former Playboy model Irina Olhovskaya has gone decidedly upmarket in her latest presentation, with the Rolls-Royce Phantom emerging as the lat...
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Description: As we have come to expect from the Ukranian bombshell, the review errs on the side of frivolous, but her Old World charm does enough to hold our attention for a few minutes.
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Jorge Gonzalez Sep 22, 2012
I'm so sick of her tits not being in my face.
Brian Micinski Sep 21, 2012
So sick of seeing this chick
Michael Dunn Sep 21, 2012
She's not even smart
David Eslava Sep 21, 2012
Yes, right... The carpets