Comments - Mazda Previews Updated CX-9

Published: Sep 21, 2012
Description: These are the first images of the 2013 CX-9 model that Mazda will debut in October at the Australian Motor Show. Recent rumors suggest the Japanese automaker may also bring the large crossover to the ...
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Jon Ashley Sep 21, 2012
Starting to miss the smiley face. Kodo looked good on the 6, but not here
Zachary Maurer Sep 21, 2012
They were getting rid of the cx7 due to poor sales compared to the better equipped and cheaper competitors, it got replaced by the cx5
Julian Pilinci Sep 21, 2012
Mazda will not drop the CX7, they will only discontinue it for North America (due to poorer sales vs. CX9), but it will still build for other markets.
Simon Trépanier Sep 21, 2012
The CX7 will be drop i think but not the CX9 !
Bala Uncc Sep 21, 2012
Thought they were planning to drop cx9 ( based on dome cat buzz news earlier)
Taylor Rosello Mar 17, 2013
We just bought a CX-7, rides great!
Dylan Gregori Page Jan 02, 2013
I'm buying one next week for real though
Jimmy-Rantai Laut Dec 30, 2012
Common Mazda you could have done a much better design on the CX 9, personally the current design is much better
Kwayne Bryant Sep 22, 2012
I like the KODO styling, but I think the car itself needs to have some curves to help it flow with the front and back. Otherwise, it's pointless.
Dan Bousquet Sep 22, 2012
i think it looks sick
Zachary Maurer Sep 21, 2012
So it goes from a smiley face to a rat face?
Puneet Dass Sep 21, 2012
Is it just me or are all the new mazdas starting to have a front that looks like a rat?
Bala Uncc Sep 21, 2012
Looks like a balloon
Description: While it was at it, Mazda also added new safety features including Lane Departure Warning, Forward Obstruction Warning and High Beam Control, and will offer the car with an updated stereo system and r...
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Terrance Parker Sep 21, 2012
Glad to see the smile go but the smooth flowing lines are gone as well. :-(
Austin Sullivan Sep 21, 2012
On the back I believe
Christian De Prisco Sep 21, 2012
Where is the rear