Comments - Jaguar F-Type Shows Up Early

Published: Sep 21, 2012
Description: Following countless spy shots and camouflaged reveals, this is how we get to see the production ready Jaguar F-Type: one lousy leaked image that supposedly got sent to spy-photographer Chris Doane. Lo...
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Author Norman R. Colson Sep 29, 2012
What? Wheres the hardtop. I hate convertibles
John Serely Sep 22, 2012
This is great looking, but the SLS is in a whole different league
Ahmed Barrasali Sep 22, 2012
Jags are decent cars, always
Elias Harb Sep 22, 2012
This is effing beautiful
Devin Babyn Sep 22, 2012
I see a lot of Aston. Particularly the one-77
Matt Piccolo Sep 21, 2012
I don't see Aston and personally, id take this over an sls any day of the week
Conor Pyle Sep 21, 2012
Anyone see Aston?
Dillon Magee Sep 21, 2012
Looks really good. I can't wait to see one in person.
Wyatt Gordon Sep 21, 2012
absolutely beautiful! this is why Jaguar is my #1 favorite car brand.
Corey Mullis Sep 21, 2012
this look fantastic
John Serely Sep 21, 2012
@colby it's good, but not that good lol
Vince Cassi Sep 21, 2012
Definitely my new favorite car. I'll have to wait a year for the coupe though.
Paul Lissona Sep 21, 2012
I really like these.
Dylan Bruder Sep 21, 2012
Great looking car
Clay Williams Sep 21, 2012
That's one of the best looking jags sense the original E-type.
Matthew Tai Sep 21, 2012
Convertibles aren't my type, but this looks good
Colby Church Sep 21, 2012
Better than the SLS for sure. This would look great if it was a hardtop, I hate convertibles. Would also look nice in yellow or white with black wheels of course.
Mike Porta Sep 21, 2012
Reminds me of an sls, not a bad thing tho :)
Matt Piccolo Sep 21, 2012
This looks amazing!
John Serely Sep 21, 2012
Finally, we have a picture of the real car. No thanks to jag who have been parading around this with camo for the past 39 years
Description: We cannot confirm the authenticity of the shot however, and we'll have to wait for an official release which won't come later than next week's Paris Motor Show where it is expected to b...
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Michael Henderson Sep 21, 2012
In all fairness it's carbuzz's writing skills. It should be 3 engine choices not 'three gasoline engines' as that implies there are 3 completly different engines
Wyatt Gordon Sep 21, 2012
@Sam retard, sorry o burst your bubble, but they listed two 6's and a v8. which, if you graduated kindergarten, you know 2+1 equals 3.
Sam Oglesby Sep 21, 2012
Erm hate to bust your bubble carbuzz but "three engines" is not 2
Paul Lissona Sep 21, 2012
And so no engine is na now, all supercharged.
Paul Lissona Sep 21, 2012
Yah I was invited to the drive alive jaguar event in LA. I drove all the new jaguar models with V8s.
David Parenti Sep 21, 2012
That kind of HP from a factory V6 is pretty nice. I think the supercharged 5.0 would be a lot more fun.
Dickson Lui Sep 23, 2012
This red and black one looks great !
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Sep 23, 2012
I feel like this is gonna be a great challenger against the SLK.
Michael Henderson Sep 22, 2012
So it looks like an sls, apparently, and will probably go like one when it gets the 5.0 SC yet it will cost 1/4 as much as an sls, bargain of the century if you ask me
Ben Wright Sep 22, 2012
Yep I'll take mine in red please!
Dillon Magee Sep 21, 2012
Looks really good in red too.
Piervittorio Tucci Sep 21, 2012
There is a bit of Mercedes sls amg in it
Cory Allen Sep 21, 2012
I think this is the best looking Jag I have ever seen! So cool!
Tim Preisinger Sep 21, 2012
Looks awesome in red
John Serely Sep 22, 2012
@john and Jon: It is going against the Z4 and cayman/boxster, so it should be around 50-60k, so not really that bad at all!
Janya Pulusu Sep 22, 2012
Like the paint job
John Jenkins Sep 22, 2012
it is probably expensive. good lookin for sure though
Jon Ashley Sep 21, 2012
Sexy. nice job. Show me the price! I know its expensive but damn it I can dream!
Wyatt Gordon Sep 21, 2012
I'll have the R convertible in high gloss black with these wheels and a white interior
Mark Pasillas Sep 21, 2012
Gotta love a jag
Carlton Salmon Sep 21, 2012
Looks fantastic in black.
Dylan Bruder Sep 21, 2012
Very slick gorgeous
Redge Diakité Sep 21, 2012
This is what you call a Jaguar ;)
Daniel Eads Sep 21, 2012
Best looking car that has come out this year.
Amir Roy Sep 21, 2012
That black one looks mean.
Adam Wieland Sep 21, 2012
Damn that is extremely sexy!
Colby Church Sep 21, 2012
And we can't claim these as authentic? Lol
John Serely Sep 21, 2012
That looks gorgeous
John Jenkins Sep 22, 2012
black one does it for me
Dillon Magee Sep 21, 2012
That black one is fantastic.
Fawaz Alkraidees Sep 21, 2012
Salute the wild cat