Comments - Toyota Spruces Up Tacoma Limited

Published: Sep 20, 2012
Description: If you're in the market for a luxury automobile, a pickup truck may not be your best bet. Particularly since the Lincoln Blackwood was discontinued, and even if the Cadillac Escalade EXT is still...
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Jacob Viiper McCord Sep 21, 2012
Ford trucks in general. End of Discussion
Cory Poteet Sep 21, 2012
These trucks are the greatest thing since sliced bread where I live...2 or 3 yr old trucks are 20-25k or more. Late 90's early2000's are 10-15, and asking 10 for earlier trucks is common.....
Anton Zhukov Sep 21, 2012
Freightliner. End of discussion.
Patrick Schalk Sep 20, 2012
GMC Kodiak. End of discussion.
Janya Pulusu Sep 20, 2012
Ford f450 end of discussion
Shelby Cassandra Sep 20, 2012
GMC Terrain is the SUV that looks like it hit a wall.
Evan Cook Sep 20, 2012
They have been making the gmc terrain for a couple years now. You're probably thinking of the gmc "all terrain"
Miguel Jimenez Sep 20, 2012
Whatever happened to the GMC terrain? Are they still going to make that?
Zachary Maurer Sep 20, 2012
Well we have some split decisions here...(usually that's the cue for a fight to break out)
Shelby Cassandra Sep 20, 2012
Lincoln Mark LT for sure.
Zachary Maurer Sep 20, 2012
Gmc 2500 hd Denali guys
Patrick Schalk Sep 20, 2012
King Ranch my ass. Laramie Longhorn
Tin Nguyen Sep 20, 2012
Agreed with Taylor on king ranch
Nick Benz Sep 20, 2012
Tacomas more able offroad too. Not big and lumbering
Taylor Garry Sep 20, 2012
King ranch. End of discussion
Matthew Tai Sep 20, 2012
The tundra looks better
Adam Yanor Sep 20, 2012
Not even in the same class as American
Miguel Jimenez Sep 20, 2012
It looks like bull dog.
Dylan Bruder Sep 20, 2012
Tacomas stink sister has one and the flex plate has broken twice along with a new engine in it
Javier Fuentes Sep 20, 2012
Drop in a 4.7l v8 in it
Matt Greenlee Sep 20, 2012
they can spruce it up all they want. still gona suck though.
Tracy Keiser Dron Sep 20, 2012
Come on, time for a change, Toyota!!!! Don't be lazy and give it a small face lift...
Jamal Ayub Sep 20, 2012
hilux is the best
Alec Lindgren Sep 20, 2012
love the Photoshop Toyota lol
Description: We're talking about the new Toyota Tacoma Limited, the new top-of-the-line model in the Japanese automaker's mid-size truck line-up. The Limited features heated front seats, variable-speed w...
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Paul Dickey Sep 20, 2012
No way! Variable speed windshield wipers! Thanks for catching up with the rest of the world Tacoma.
Scotty MacPherson Sep 20, 2012
I like the base model 4x4 Ext. Cab. Buy one from the states (cheaper than Canada). Add what you want later on. If you want something luxurious buy a 4Runner. Heated seats would be nice after a long day at work.
Tara Fitria Sep 20, 2012
On auto blog i read this comes out to about 35,000, a little steep for this I think. Almost 40 after tax, tags and title.
Description: The latter comes down to a 2.7-liter DOHC four with 159 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque or a 4.0-liter DOHC V6 with 236 hp and 266 lb-ft. In short, the Tacoma Limited packs many of the refinements...
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Andrew Palmer Sep 22, 2012
Or is this old news?
Andrew Palmer Sep 22, 2012
I heard the 4.0 was getting a boost...or was that for only the fj and 4runner?
Scott Gracey Sep 21, 2012
Should throw the is350's 305hp 3.5L then just bore it out lol
Joseph Dalton Sep 20, 2012
The frontier kicks this trucks ass in every category. Frontier also comes with full leather interior for less then the Tacoma by thousands.
Devin Babyn Sep 20, 2012
It's slightly detuned down to 302 actually
Travis Larson Sep 20, 2012
@Lee incorrect, fords 3.5L is turbo'd making 365hp. The 3.7 is naturally aspirated making 305 hp
Lee Gardner Sep 20, 2012
@jrise the fords 3.7 is turbo
Nick Pietropaolo Sep 20, 2012
very disapointing power figures for both engines
Brandon Lidy Sep 20, 2012
I think they would be more than capable of getting more horsepower out of this. These things can get up and go just fine with what they have though
Jordan Jackson Sep 20, 2012
The only good thing about the 4.0 is that the oil filter is on top, ya don't have to remove the crappy skid plate and worry about breaking its bolts which tend to rust out and break easily
Tin Nguyen Sep 20, 2012
4.0 with only that much hp and torque? Ford 3.7 has more than that...
Tara Fitria Sep 22, 2012
I love love love Toyota, I owned a 4runner and it was the best car I've ever owned. This thing comes out to more than I paid for a new 4runner sport(mid trim grade) in 2007. Too expensive for this but I'd love to have a limited Tacoma with 4 doors.
Adam Gray Sep 21, 2012
@shelby it has 236hp and 265 torque. And it's not a useless truck if it was i dont think it would hold its value better than almost any other truck on the market. And it does the little hauling I need and is good off road.
Shelby Cassandra Sep 20, 2012
@Adam. For the same reason you want a truck with 150 HP. Useless truck.
Adam Gray Sep 20, 2012
It is plasticky but the interiors are not cheap. And it's a truck why would you want a fancy interior?
Janya Pulusu Sep 20, 2012
Cheap and plasticky like every other Toyota out there
Paul Lissona Sep 20, 2012
Actually none of the pictures do far have been limited.
Paul Lissona Sep 20, 2012
This picture can't be of a limited, this is like a sr5 or something.
Kevin Blockley Sep 20, 2012
Really just a Toyota Hilux , well on second thoughts the Hilux Vigo looks better.
Matt Korczyk Sep 20, 2012
That's a picture of a base Tacoma...jeez
Jordan Jackson Sep 20, 2012
It looks just like a normal Tacoma... What are they trying to pull here?
Tara Fitria Sep 20, 2012
Too much money for this, shouldn't be more than 30,000 considering its pretty bare bones, most cars come standard with navi and backup camera. This thing would have been fully loaded in the 90's when power windows was a big deal.
Dylan Bruder Sep 20, 2012
What a ripoff it doesnt even look nice