Comments - Jaguar Land Rover Provided 77 Cars for 'Skyfall'

Published: Sep 20, 2012
Description: James Bond has driven a wide variety of cars, many of them British: Aston Martin, Lotus, Bentley... but what about a Jaguar or Land Rover? It's been ten years since one last featured in "Die...
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Joel Mitchel Kanny Jul 20, 2013
I hope it's as good as Skyfall!
Joel Mitchel Kanny Jul 20, 2013
It's official: Bond 24 will be out in 2016!
Michael Riley Sep 21, 2012
Well the Range Rover they specifically referenced to is from Casino Royale. sooo I win. you all lose.
Michael Kozlowski Sep 21, 2012
James bond drove a Range Rover a few times in quantum of solace also
Paul Dickey Sep 20, 2012
The key word in there is "featured" gentlemen.
Michael Zane Johnson Sep 20, 2012
LR defenders and a LR were in casino royale as well as a rover an jag in quantum of solace. Research
Michael Riley Sep 20, 2012
The Range Rover was in Casino Royale.
abc123 Dec 02, 2012
I saw this in la
Alex Arvanitis Sep 21, 2012
Stop and go traffic will be child's play.
Ivan Ryzhov Sep 21, 2012
Would love to see the options list. Machine guns... Check Missiles... Check Armore piercing rounds... Check Lasers... Check
Ivan Ryzhov Sep 21, 2012
The bad guy special?
Matthew Tai Sep 20, 2012
If only this was a trim level. . .
Description: All told, JLR provided a total of 77 vehicles for the production of "Skyfall". Some of them were used on camera and some were employed behind the scenes, but in the opening scene agent Eve d...
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Michael Mitnik Sep 21, 2012
I think it needs a couple more cameras.
John Serely Sep 20, 2012
Wow. Alot of cameras
Brandon Lidy Sep 20, 2012
Sound reduction maybe ? Look very very odd though
Chris Marshall Ernst Sep 20, 2012
Wtf is with those tires and rims?
John Jenkins Sep 22, 2012
so that's how they film the interior of cars, interesting
Hektor Yberg Sep 21, 2012
No hes pissed because he left he's juice box at home
Ivan Ryzhov Sep 21, 2012
He's just pissed that he doesn't get to drive
Read Mills Sep 20, 2012
Daniel Craig's face is quite menacing here...
Joel Mitchel Kanny Jul 20, 2013
It's a damn shame to see the Aston blow up 50 years later! F*** you, villains!
Paul Lissona Sep 20, 2012
It must be haha, yah I'd really wanna do that.
Matthew Tai Sep 20, 2012
That looks fun to do
Jordan Jackson Sep 20, 2012
@ryan: yes he is, that's to handle something like an autopilot for the car if bond decides to hang out the window to shoot someone
John Serely Sep 20, 2012
I would love to be the guy on the top of the car
Ryan Veitch Sep 20, 2012
Is the person on top driving?