Comments - Subaru Forester tS Exclusive to Russian Market

Published: Sep 02, 2012
Description: As much as it may be known now for the BRZ, and among certain circles for the Outback, Subaru's reputation is staked largely on the WRX STi. The rally-bred compact is a favorite among enthusiasts...
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John Jenkins Sep 02, 2012
will always hate those gold rims
Nick Sti Sep 02, 2012
Anyone here watch Mighty Car Mods?! This needs the Moog treatment :D Fix that grill, throw it on coilovers
Ben Doolittle Sep 02, 2012
At least it's the right colors for a Suby.
Description: The first thing you may have noticed is the STi-inspired electric blue paint and gold wheels, but the appeal of the Forester tS lies more than skin-deep. Standing for Turbo Sport, the Forester tS gets...
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Lee Cascio Sep 28, 2012
The cvt would be a great option if they can make it hold up to the power. Imagine staying in the upper 6k range theentire time you have your foot to the floor.
Jordan Jackson Sep 03, 2012
Does this come with a dash cam as standard equipment?
Grant Paquin Sep 02, 2012
Can't e the new cvt. must be the old 5 speed from the legacy range
Matt Liong Sep 02, 2012
The xt is a sleeper. I am not so sure about this ts version Tho.
Andrew Palmer Sep 02, 2012 this anything like xti a few years ago? And didn't the first forester xt do 0-60 in like 5.3 sec?
Domi Bsaibes Sep 02, 2012
Not when u see an STI badge on its rear michael ;)
Michael Page Sep 02, 2012
If its sti inspired, why not use the 300+hp engine with the 6-speed. But still, this does sound a bit like a sleeper to me.
Brandon Bairian Sep 02, 2012
At least it gets the 5sp from the outback/tribeca instead of the long in the tooth 4sp it gets in the states..
Malachi Monteiro Sep 02, 2012
Price is because of taxes, That's why you see people still driving those Russian shitboxes over there, like those super generic square Russian cars.
Domi Bsaibes Sep 02, 2012
Yeah it's wayyyyy over priced. But these are quite impressive numbers
Dylan Bruder Sep 02, 2012
Sounded good till the price
Zachary Maurer Sep 03, 2012
If it was a c5m it would be 35k more
Tanton Stoneman Sep 02, 2012
I wouldn't pay 65k for a forester. Unless Subaru replaced every single part with an X5M component, until it was an X5M.
Grant Paquin Sep 02, 2012
The body treatment they did never got the turbo engine. Xts are rare with manuals
Michael Page Sep 02, 2012
Subie did a wrx treatment to a forrester in the us awhile ago, I think it was called a xt. I'd like to find one now that they're cheap.
Nick Sti Sep 02, 2012
Probably that much due to taxes and fees.... I hope
Corey Mullis Sep 02, 2012
I'd would buy it. . if it wasnt 65 grand, c'mon
Andrew Hossann Sep 02, 2012
Match the grill with the rims
Jack Sittauer Sep 03, 2012
Auto's are slow and ugly.
Bennie Andthe Jets Sep 03, 2012
It's got everything a Russian could want, except Vodka.
Justin Maples Sep 02, 2012
Wow 65k for a fozzy that isnt even a full sti with an auto gear box no thanks
Aaron Cartwright Sep 02, 2012
I was stoked till I saw the auto.
Nick Sti Sep 02, 2012
Burn it, it's an Auto
chikenbag Sep 03, 2012
that logo does not belong there...