Comments - Ralf Schumacher Sends DTM Crew Airborne

Published: Sep 02, 2012
Description: If you've ever watched a car race on TV, you've probably marveled at how the drivers speed into the pit box without taking out their crew in the process. Well, things don't always go qu...
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Chad Hunter Sep 02, 2012
Looks like the hoses got caught on the bottom edge of the bumper. It was crazy!!
Justin Tucker Sep 02, 2012
Damn that dude that was farthest from the camera got the shit knocked out of him
Sam Oglesby Sep 02, 2012
The driver is not at fault the pit crews hoses that got caught on the wing is I you notice every other pit crews hoses are tied to the post when not in use so this doesn't happen
Dylan Bruder Sep 02, 2012
Nevermind it says airline next page
Dylan Bruder Sep 02, 2012
Was that the fuel hose?
Nick Sti Sep 02, 2012
Wow the giant ass wing is at fault. Looked like an action movie
Steven Whowhat Sep 02, 2012
women divers......i have my theories don't ask
Lucas Hill Sep 02, 2012
Ouch.. that sucks
Description: During a practice session for a DTM touring car race at Zandvoort in Holland, former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher managed to get into the pit lane just fine, but his exit was another matter altogether. ...
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Das Stig Sep 02, 2012
oh, ok. that's a game changer. I was honestly thinking they were kinda being girls about being knocked over.
Nick Sti Sep 02, 2012
It says they escaped serious injuries
Das Stig Sep 02, 2012
I'm kinda surprised they had serious injuries. it might have been like wrapped around then or something I couldn't see. but then again, they pretty much just got close lined by a car.
John Jenkins Sep 02, 2012
crazy little front wings
Michael Dunn Sep 02, 2012
Although this car looks amazing I still like the M3 more.
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 02, 2012
Tbe chrome makes it look wierd..