Comments - Highway Patrol: Russian Style

Published: Sep 02, 2012
Description: Things just work differently in Russia. It's something everyone needs to accept before considering traveling to the former communist motherland. While the KGB has (supposedly) gone out of busines...
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Serge Pankratov Sep 02, 2012
U gotta have a dash cam in russia if ur a driver.. This whacked out shit happens all the time and even worse shit.. People there are pretty crazy! I know that cuz i am russian myself =]
Description: One driver on a Russian highway was rudely surprised by a warplane buzzing the road at supersonic speeds right over his head. Is this Moscow's new method of traffic enforcement, or just a bored p...
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Thetestdriver Theskull Feb 05, 2013
Man I love Russia so much!!
Aleksandr Krasavcev Sep 03, 2012
Miranda, before making comments like this learn the difference between Russian and Czech. They speak clear russian, They should have seperate section "only in Russia videos":) there are always crazy things happening up there.
Serge Pankratov Sep 02, 2012
Nope theyre definitely speaking russian =]
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Sep 02, 2012
They were talking in Czech, not Russian. I would know, my mom is Czech. Still, funny :)
Timothy Hooker Sep 02, 2012
this would make me so giddy. I live jets especially crappy old Russian ones. they make the most noise
Alex Renaud Sep 02, 2012
Really?! Come on, good people. You don't need to have a PhD in Fighterplaneology to see that the jet in this video is the new McDonnell-Boeing F45a MIG Super-Wing 747 Jumbo Super Speed CC Twin Turbo Prop Coupe. Some of you have some reading to do.
John P Jerse Sep 02, 2012
Good call DDDDDDDD though I can't tell the 23 and 24 apart. Defiantly a swept wing though
Scott Williams Sep 02, 2012
@Ben the kids in the back were laughing! If only they knew
Ben Norton Sep 02, 2012
This was at an airshow in russia. There were some problems and the pilot didn't survive after crashing into the highway. It was in today's paper
Николай Станкейвич Sep 02, 2012
I take that back it is a Su-24 Fencer.
Steven Whowhat Sep 02, 2012
and here come the experts !!!!!!
John P Jerse Sep 02, 2012
Also that was no Flanker, too much smoke. Probably a Mig-31
Steven Whowhat Sep 02, 2012
i remember this in mythbusters. except it was a house not a car.
John P Jerse Sep 02, 2012
Was not supersonic. Would have been louder, shaken things and possibly broken the windscreen
Barry Boo Wilson Sep 02, 2012
Sound being off screws it up.
Mitchell Cherry Sep 02, 2012
Looks like the Flanker