Comments - VW Debuts Amarok Canyon Edition in Hanover

Published: Sep 19, 2012
Description: Pickup trucks may not be the first type of vehicle that comes to mind when you think of Volkswagen, but overseas, the German automaker offers just such a vehicle called the Amarok. The four-door, shor...
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Adam Yanor Sep 20, 2012
I was think the frontier but yeah I can see the canyon
Scotty Gee Sep 19, 2012
Wow, who comes up with VW's vehicle names?! Crazy stuff. Very cool truck, though.
Adam Yanor Sep 19, 2012
Than anything? All I see is a similar style to American made chevy truck which I can't think of the name of I kinda wish they wouldve had a more original design they have a lot to work with and a lot to offer
Adam Yanor Sep 19, 2012
They still do I mean if you count semis and bigger engine trucks but I'm interest on the function there going for with this truck? Trucks in my opinion should be designed for work labor that kinda think, but this seems more designed for looks more ..
David Parenti Sep 19, 2012
Pick up trucks may not be the first type of vehicle that comes to your mind when you think of VW.... VW used to build trucks...
Harry Chagger Sep 20, 2012
hiluxs is way beter in every way
Tyson Broadbent Sep 20, 2012
Looks pretty darn good.
Matthew Malyapa Sep 19, 2012
i saw the paris dakar rally version it was sick
Simon Trépanier Sep 19, 2012
The Amarok is pure VW. Nothing to do with Nissan.
Brandon Lidy Sep 19, 2012
I'm not seeing any frontier. I believe the two vehicles are about the same age though
Alex Renaud Sep 19, 2012
These guys aren't in bed with Nissan, are they? Because this looks like a Frontier.
Nick Benz Sep 19, 2012
Pretty low approach angle. I bet it would look great with a new steel bumper.
Description: Not to be confused with the GMC pickup of the same name, the Canyon edition emphasizes the customization options available on the Amarok and its off-road abilities. The special is based on a concept t...
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Slaven Simic Sep 22, 2012
I don't think it would fail in the US. Look how well the TRD Tacoma sells. All VW has to do is price it around the Tacoma, plus they are giving you a manual transmission. That already beats out the Tacoma. Unless you get the base one with the stick.
KyleM Sep 21, 2012
The reason why the compact/mid-size pickup market is on the slide is the damn price. They almost cost the same as a full size. The manufacturers do it on purpose to preserve their high margin and profit making on the full size pickups, even though not everyone needs a pickup that takes up two parking spots when they go to the grocery store.
Jordan Jackson Sep 19, 2012
That's why ford killed the ranger :,( and dodge/ram killed the Dakota
Devin Babyn Sep 19, 2012
No Quinn it would definitely fail in america. Small trucks sell like shit, everyone wants big not small
Quinn Conner Sep 19, 2012
I take offense to your comment. Bringing this truck over won't be that big of issue. This truck has been on the road since 2009. Plenty of vw trucks/suv sell well in the states.
Alex Renaud Sep 19, 2012
Any attempt by VW to enter the passenger truck market (especially here in North America), will be met with failure. The market is saturated by good product and the inroads will be difficult to make.
Description: A pair of turbo-diesel engines can be specified in either part- or full-time 4Motion all-wheel drive with optional locking rear differential, riding on 17 or 18-inch wheels, while the partial leather ...
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Adam Yanor Sep 20, 2012
I have my pick up because I use it for hauling everything from scrape steel to hauling water and everything between
Harry Chagger Sep 20, 2012
ugly piece of shit
Ben Norton Sep 19, 2012
Scotty I bought mine because I need the 8 foot bed. I'm hauling about 20 sheets of drywall or plywood every weekend plus old motors every once in awhile. No one I knows has a truck just to have a truck
Scotty Gee Sep 19, 2012
Sorry for that lame news flash there.. As if everyone didn't already know that.
Scotty Gee Sep 19, 2012
People, in general, don't really buy pickups to haul anything but a few bags of mulch from the hardware store on the weekend. They buy them because they can sit above, and see above, most of the other traffic and feel safe, and to commute with.
Aaron Snyder Sep 19, 2012
I like this, but out will never come here, stingy germans!
Matt Piccolo Sep 19, 2012
I'm really liking this
Adam Yanor Sep 19, 2012
It my look good but how well will it function in the real world I mean what kinda use could you have for it personally I like a truck that doesnt go for looks
Matthew Tai Sep 19, 2012
Looks good to me
Dylan Bruder Sep 19, 2012
I wish we could get diesels in trucks besides the hds
Nick Benz Sep 19, 2012
That engines not bad though. Torquey and relatively fuel efficient. Its a small truck.
Tobias Mersinger Sep 19, 2012
There's only one problem: 2.0tdi only.
John Serely Sep 19, 2012
Agreed, actually, it looks great
Malachi Monteiro Sep 19, 2012
Wow. Doesn't look bad at all.
Jordan Jackson Sep 19, 2012
every time I read the name, it reminds me of the video game Turok, lol
Chad Hunter Sep 19, 2012
Lol for sure Dakota tailights!!
Nick Pietropaolo Sep 19, 2012
those rear taillights look like they would b on a updated dodge dakota from the 90's
Simon Trépanier Sep 19, 2012
Dont forget that the main market of the Amarok is South-America. Manuel tranny and small and efficient engines are very popular there... We are not in USA...
Grant Paquin Sep 19, 2012
Omg is that a manual transmission?
Barry Stewart Sep 19, 2012
Interior is acceptable.
Kevin Gebuza Sep 19, 2012
The steering wheel is on the "right" side for us. Why won't they bring it over.