Comments - McLaren P1 Revealed Ahead of Paris Debut

Published: Sep 19, 2012
Description: McLaren has revealed the first images of the McLaren P1 supercar, which is set to be unveiled at next week's Paris Motor Show. Previewed as a design study, McLaren aims to put their next generati...
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Christopher DeFreitas Sep 19, 2012
ugly goldfish fail
Keenan Casteel Sep 19, 2012
According to, this is the preproduction model. The final one will be revealed in 2013 and then the car will go on sale 12 months later. So I think we're looking at a 2014 release...
John Serely Sep 19, 2012
Previewed as a design study? I guess this isn't the final one yet...
Redge Diakité Sep 19, 2012
I think IMO that you can say hypercar for the P1 like the McLaren F1
Evan Dickinson Sep 19, 2012
I didn't see this coming from a mile away. *sarcasm*
Koby Bryant Oct 20, 2012
This will have to the better generation of super cars
Dudut Cantoria Sep 27, 2012
The designer have emphasize the Mc Laren logo all over the car...
Tim Simon Kramer Sep 22, 2012
I was hoping for something classier... not something designed for posters in young boys' bedrooms...
Ben Wright Sep 22, 2012
I like how the headlights are the little graphic at the end of their logo. Looks great.
Scott Westphall Sep 20, 2012
Fantastic. Can't wait to see what it'll do.
Anton Mutschler Sep 20, 2012
perfect mix of the mp4-12c and the f1
Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa Sep 20, 2012
This will probably end up in "bold styling desisions" soon
Jv Sep 20, 2012
I like it too, can't wait to see the specs.
Ben August Sep 20, 2012
This thing is surely a case of function over form... But the form is also there. I like it!
Nate Vongshotivat Sep 20, 2012
@Asad F1 is stand for raw power, pure driving experience and no compromise driver's car not the number.
Asad Yusufzai Sep 20, 2012
Its a thing of beauty but the f1 was a thing of numbers . It's got alot of heritage to stand for so it will be the biggest revival or the biggest flop of the year. Both this and thr new f70 got alt to compare against
Serge Pankratov Sep 20, 2012
This here is carporn =]
Wyatt Gordon Sep 19, 2012
alright, it's definately original. I think I like it, it is certaintly a lot less boring looking than the MP4, this has got some pretty mice curves. I want to see it in white or blue though, I've always disliked orange. and I'm not sure about the roof scoop
Jon Ashley Sep 19, 2012
looks interesting, but I think it needs to settle in. I give McLaren originality points though.
Jeff Link Sep 19, 2012
Looks dumb. I don't like it.
Mark A. Young Sep 19, 2012
Looks like a MP4-12C Loony Tunes edition.
William Downs Sep 19, 2012
@spiros... How can u even pass judgement on weather it's a worthy successor or not when we have nothing but a picture
Jeyhoon Jahanroshan Sep 19, 2012
absolutely beautiful! like the color a lot on this beast
Joshua Minh Tran Sep 19, 2012
Well one things for sure...the cars happy about something.
Preston Ming Sep 19, 2012
wow! this car is just stupid sexy! I'm really surprised by the mixed reaction though
Jorge Gonzalez Sep 19, 2012
Dam this is a crazy car. I don't even know what to say about it.
Siya Fadane Sep 19, 2012
Wait... Its a car right?!
Colby Church Sep 19, 2012
Everyone has different taste, but I think Mclaren did a great job designing the F1 successor. This car will go down in history, just wait. Thumbs up Mclaren, keep making strikingly sexy cars with mind blowing performance and I'll keep loving them.
Dillon Magee Sep 19, 2012
Looks fantastic. I cannot wait for specs to be revealed.
Spiros Manessis Sep 19, 2012
Now we realize how difficult task was to design the successor of Mclaren F1. Would be nice as a new model, however, not up to the task as a successor of F1. My humble opinion of course ...
Janya Pulusu Sep 19, 2012
Front looks good
Adam James Hugh Everett Sep 19, 2012
Hideous, looks more like a ktm xbow than a real supercar.
Andrew Hossann Sep 19, 2012
Yessssssssssssssssss it's Perfect! Just as I imagined
Babaloo Anderson Sep 19, 2012
Lower roof and it would look good
Shelby Cassandra Sep 19, 2012
Jaw-dropping. Absolutely amazing!
Roggina Froggina Sep 19, 2012
Unfortunately, this won't be naturally aspirated like the F1. Too bad really. N/A is true engineering.
Pablo Herasme Sep 19, 2012
Wtf are you guys smoking, this looks good,
Genci Sallabanda Sep 19, 2012
Still think that the F1 is the best looking Mclaren. But this looks awsome too. What a battle will be against the new Ferarri F70.
Ricardo Azinhaga Sep 19, 2012
I'm serious in love with this car, it is just stunning. It's one of those occasions where u love it or hate it.
Tyler Tarbox Sep 19, 2012
Looks like a combination of an MP4-12C and the new Porsche 918
Wmg Chinchilla Sep 19, 2012
Looks incredible! And it will look better and better the more it grows on me.
Ben Brown Sep 19, 2012
This looks great
Tim Preisinger Sep 19, 2012
While I still think this looks too busy, seeing it in person would probably be jaw dropping
Jason Watkins Sep 19, 2012
This looks way better than the other mclaren
Matthew Tai Sep 19, 2012
I like the look of this
Ryan Spencer Sep 19, 2012
I can tell already: this is one of those cars that I'm not sure about for the first couple days, then it'll grow on me, and I'll end up with a poster of it somewhere in the house...
John Wyatt Rosenberg I Sep 19, 2012
Outstanding! This car looks amazing!
William Downs Sep 19, 2012
Love this thing, looks soooo nice, having trouble choosing what looks better this or the agera... So many good cars are coming out
Michael Mitnik Sep 19, 2012
I love the look of this car. Clearly it is very happy to be the offspring of the legendary F1. I feel this looks like a futuristic F1. While it won't be as fast as its father how can you not love that face :P
Curtis Clayton Sep 19, 2012
I love the McLaren logo shaped headlights.
Guo-Sheng Huang Sep 19, 2012
I hope they have good reasons for all the busy designs. Like the F1 better.
Harrison Armstrong Sep 19, 2012
Ooh I'm so excited to see this baby in action! I got the newsletter yesterday and just new this was going to be the top CarBuzz news.
Tim Preisinger Sep 19, 2012
It's a little too busy for me. But I still think it looks pretty good
Matthew Mckernan Sep 19, 2012
...looks unproportional to the rest of the car. I was expecting it to be a little more restrained, and I know cars like this are supposed to be crazy and flamboyant, but this just doesn't look completely right to me.
Matthew Mckernan Sep 19, 2012
I think it looks okay, but I'm not a huge fan of it. I mean it has some really cool and interesting designs queues, but the thing as a whole just doesn't look right. To me it seems like they kind of over did it. And the size of the cockpit just...
Dillon Dixon Sep 19, 2012
I see what your saying Patrick, but I think that's part of why I love it. This has a similar shape to the Zonda, but looks so different at the same time.
Abraham Mendoza Sep 19, 2012
I totally agree with Patrick, the windshield looks rather large. Rye rear end is what seals the deal for me.
David Justice Sep 19, 2012
The side of the car look very busy, but I like it.
Patrick Schalk Sep 19, 2012
I like it, but from this angle it looks like the car is all cabin. Proportionately, it's not pleasing to my eye yet.
John Serely Sep 19, 2012
I think it looks good. It's kinds crazy-looking, which IMO is a great thing. I love how the mclaren logo is the headlights
Matt Piccolo Sep 19, 2012
That looks fricken sweet! Love it!
Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Sep 19, 2012
If its good enough for Connor it's good enough for me. We all know he's not the easiest to please!!! Lol
Barry Boo Wilson Sep 19, 2012
And agreed with someone below white is going to be sick.
Barry Boo Wilson Sep 19, 2012
Leave the honeycomb out of the rear end and it is awesome!
Dillon Dixon Sep 19, 2012
I wouldn't call myself a major mclaren fan, but this right here has changed me. This is one amazing looking car. I don't want them to change a thing!
Sam Pann Sep 19, 2012
Look like RX-7 in Tokyo Drift...
Emil Creed Kleijsen Sep 19, 2012
This is how a successor is to be made, it has a really strong recemblence to the F1 but modern, I like it
Clay Williams Sep 19, 2012
I'm really disappointed, the bumper and "grill" are bad the side panels are bad and the entire back end is bad. Maybe I'll have to see it in person but right now I'm a little mad.
Hemmo Karja Sep 19, 2012
If i only could afford one in white... Man i love this car.
Jon Wheel Sep 19, 2012
It's just terrible
Matty Michaels Sep 19, 2012
I love the blue in the lights.
omarSV Sep 19, 2012
Im with Paul Dickey, Im kinda dissapointed too. Its a unique looking car for sure, and I know it would get alot of attention on the street, but it doesnt 'look' like one of the fastest supercars of all time uno? It doesnt look aggressive (Aventador), beefy (Veyron), or beautiful (One-77) either. McLaren have said that the design will change as they develop the vehicle during the next 12months thou...
Ben August Sep 19, 2012
From this viewpoint, the front of the P1 looks badass, so is mid; but the rear (from here) looks kind of odd.
Luke Purdy Sep 19, 2012
This looks awesome for some reason.... Very much a supercar design
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Sep 19, 2012
Ok, so after the sensible design in the Mp4-12C i'm gonna say that i'm surprised. But i like it
Paul Lissona Sep 19, 2012
Bumpers that have the huge black contrast.
Paul Lissona Sep 19, 2012
Idk why car companies make the front b
Paul Lissona Sep 19, 2012
The front looks Mazdaish ha like a Mazda3.
Paul Dickey Sep 19, 2012
Ok a little disappointed. Perhaps it'll grow on me
Description: "Twenty years ago we raised the supercar performance bar with the McLaren F1 and our goal with the McLaren P1 is to redefine it once again. Our aim is not necessarily to be the fastest in absolut...
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Jackson Bond Sep 20, 2012
It's amazing, but it takes less skill and balls to drive fast than a Ferrari f40 or a super car without the electronic aids
Tin Nguyen Sep 19, 2012
Wow the f1 is almost 20 yr old... Still one of the fastest cars even in today standard.
Colby Church Sep 19, 2012
@Tim I agree completely. And this car is going to do everything well I'm sure. So it doesn't have a 280mph top speed, who cares? I bet it'll be a monster on the track.
Tim Preisinger Sep 19, 2012
Who really cares about top end. How many tracks on EARTH can cars of this nature even come close to maxing out top speed. 1/4 mile times, 0-150mpg times, handling and braking are much more important
Barry Boo Wilson Sep 19, 2012
Kinda what they said all along. You not believe them or something? They were not going for top end.
Skylar Drake Sep 19, 2012
Admitting the P1 is not the fastest car in the world possibly?
Description: Aside from confirming its name, McLaren is being decidedly quiet on details save for claiming the goal of the P1 is to be the "best driver's car in the world on road and track." We can&...
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Ben Norton Sep 19, 2012
Most technologically advanced and best drivers car really don't seem to go together
Nate Vongshotivat Sep 19, 2012
Let's see this P1 can beat G. Murray creation in term of driving experience or not ?!!!
Theviper007 Sep 21, 2012
Better than the.x1 this cars gonna be awesome
Dennis Choong Sep 20, 2012
Knowing McLaren's expertise, there's some serious aero works here. I'm undecided about its look but there's no doubt about its performance
Serge Pankratov Sep 20, 2012
Love dat ass except im not sure if i like the ultra thinn lights.. Everythin else is just plain awesomeness!
Wyatt Gordon Sep 19, 2012
again, I dislike the color so much its hard to tell. I like the curvyness though, im tired of all this wedge shaped koenigsegg/Datsun GTR shit. curves need to come back
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Sep 19, 2012
I've fallen in love again... I hope fate is nice to me and I can see one of these at the Detroit auto show. Or if fate is on my side even more, and luck... FREAKING OWN ONE!!!
Malachi Monteiro Sep 19, 2012
Diffuser give ground effects
Shelby Cassandra Sep 19, 2012
@Ben. It's probably like the one on the 12C where it comes up when it's needed.
Matthew Tai Sep 19, 2012
I want to see a p1 gtr
Ben August Sep 19, 2012
The dip in the rear deck line begs to be filled with a GT class spoiler. Doesn't it? Like that 12C GT whatever it was called? The dip is kind of odd otherwise. Wheres the downforce coming from?
Jeyhoon Jahanroshan Sep 19, 2012
one of the best car tails I've seen.
Siya Fadane Sep 19, 2012
Seem to hate the too futuristic look "bmw i8" but this kinda makes it not too bad
Colby Church Sep 19, 2012
Wow... I've seen a lot of cars, and this looks.... stunning. Hats off to Mclaren, I love their styling team. This is completely original and it is beautiful and so different than what I'm used to seeing. Good job Mclaren, this is truly breathtaking.
Garrett Frye Sep 19, 2012
I think this is one o the best rear ends I've ever seen on a car.
Andrew Semak Sep 19, 2012
I'm not sure if I like that. Maybe it has to grow on me.
Duc Ngo Sep 19, 2012
She look awesome .
Nick Schnee Sep 19, 2012
There is no reason for it to be faked, I really don't think McLaren couldn't afford real honey comb for such a car.
Jamal Ayub Sep 19, 2012
very nice it
Bennie Andthe Jets Sep 19, 2012
I have a feeling it's not fake, at least not on the real car
Ryan Heetderks Sep 19, 2012
Fake honeycomb in a no no.
Matt Robbins Sep 19, 2012
Replace the honeycomb with carbon fiber and it's a winner in my book.
Stephen Tyler Learn Sep 19, 2012
Looks like she has some good birthing hips
Matthew Tai Sep 19, 2012
That looks very cool
Dylan Bruder Sep 19, 2012
I'm not sure on how I feel about this yet
Zeus Mocha Sep 19, 2012
This is very different, it looks stunning.
Nick Schnee Sep 19, 2012
Okay, I'm still not quite sure about the front (although I kinda seem to like it) but the rear and the side views are out-of-the-world AWESOME.
Abraham Mendoza Sep 19, 2012
It looks worlds better than the MP4.
Alex O'Brian Sep 19, 2012
Am i the only one who didnt like it?
David Justice Sep 19, 2012
Whoa, forget what I said on the other page about the sides of the car being too busy. Compared to the back the sides are pretty damn plain. Haha. Still like it tho.
uptown Sep 19, 2012
That is so freaking sexy!
Malachi Monteiro Sep 19, 2012
Sorry guys, I'm not feeling this car, it is not my style at all.
Das Stig Sep 19, 2012
it better have a center driving position
Matt Piccolo Sep 19, 2012
Thats f**king awesome!
Dillon Dixon Sep 19, 2012
I'm seriously in love with the exhaust. And that better be a retractable spoiler also.
Buddy Robinson Sep 19, 2012
I love it. Maybe not the high central exhaust, but everything else.
Clay Williams Sep 19, 2012
The back is no good ether, I've never disliked a mclaren until now.
Malcolm Bryant Sep 19, 2012
my new fav super car..
Jason Brower Sep 19, 2012
Talk about an aggressive rear end. The diffuser and the exhaust are awesome.
Luke Schichtel Sep 20, 2012
Love how it resembles the f1
Serge Pankratov Sep 20, 2012
Best view of the car IMO
Wyatt Gordon Sep 19, 2012
looks great from the side! just paint it white or light blue (including the CF. that has to be body color)
Jon Ashley Sep 19, 2012
Aerodynamically at least, this car is a god.
Jorge Gonzalez Sep 19, 2012
How you doin shaniqua tho? I
John Kyle Doggett Sep 19, 2012
This is the best angle of the three pictures IMO. Can't really make a full opinion on the car without specs and reviews and tbh I'd have to drive one to make a true opinion but I highly doubt that'll ever happen
William Downs Sep 19, 2012
No, mclaren said forever ago it wasn't gonna be a center seat
Oscar Galvan Sep 19, 2012
I wonder if the production doors will open normally, lambo style, or f1 style.
Bennie Andthe Jets Sep 19, 2012
Looks crazy good, like the cars I doodled in high school
Matthew Tai Sep 19, 2012
Looks good, but did they say if the steering position would be in the center, I wasn't reading
Dylan Bruder Sep 19, 2012
Never would have thought of the autobacs comparison but your right
Alex O'Brian Sep 19, 2012
imo the best looking mclaren is the one from the 90's
Patrick Schalk Sep 19, 2012
This looks much better. I like this. I wanna see it in blue, red, and yellow.
Das Stig Sep 19, 2012
I think it would look are with a big wing. it provably needs one too.
Matt Piccolo Sep 19, 2012
I'm really liking this! Good job Mclaren
Dillon Dixon Sep 19, 2012
I would love a pic like this where the reflection on the floor is the F1. This is how you create a successor. Great job mclaren!
Carlton Salmon Sep 19, 2012
Really liking the F1-like profile. Just need to refine a few details and it's a thumbs up from me.
Shaniqua Latisha Sep 19, 2012
Autobacs garaiya
Jeremy Russell Sep 19, 2012
The side profile looks a bit like a Koenigsegg to me... I like it!
Clay Williams Sep 19, 2012
It looks ok from the side at least.
Jon Wheel Sep 19, 2012
Except the F1 doesn't suck
Nate Vongshotivat Sep 19, 2012
Same side profile as the F1.