Comments - Bold Styling Decisions: Spyker C8

Published: Sep 18, 2012
Description: Supercars occupy an almost unfortunate position in the marketplace. Their job is to be the best at both performance and styling at the same time. But not everybody who buys a supercar particularly nee...
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Gustavo Kelso Dec 18, 2013
If this were a British car company, this would be the perfect James Bond car.
John Jenkins Sep 19, 2012
if a 3 series is perfect, what is an m3?
Paul Lissona Sep 19, 2012
Huang, yah to me a 3 series is like perfect for me. The handling, the room inside, looks everything.
Jose Miguel Fernandez Sep 18, 2012
Ive got to say I saw the P1 pictures and it looks pretty sweet. Too bad it isn't going for the top speed title :(
Oscar Galvan Sep 18, 2012
Yea I don't think it looks very good. Actually it may but to me it looks similar( not to be confuse with same) with the tax machine. It shares the same platform and engine but the design is just way to much. Also I may have expected more
Chris Penza Sep 18, 2012
The p1 concept is the 2nd ugliest supercar I've seen in my life. Next to the veyron of course
Das Stig Sep 18, 2012
Unrelated - why is there no pictures of the McLaren p1? it looks sweet by the way. it better be on here tomorrow.
John Serely Sep 18, 2012
Sorry Jordan Jon and matty. I just saw the pics. I guess they were released (I had not went on C&D, MT or other sites before I types that comment)Now I look Yes, it does looks great
Nick Schnee Sep 18, 2012
The P1 is one of the most awesome cars I've seen, EVER. Haters will be shot.
Jordan Smith Sep 18, 2012
Actually John, it has. It's not on CarBuzz, but pictures are on the web of it. And it looks radically awesome.
John Serely Sep 18, 2012
@jon, matty and : The P1 hasn't come out yet haha
Stephen Tyler Learn Sep 18, 2012
When did photos of the p1 come out?
Dillon Dixon Sep 18, 2012
The P1 looks fantastically fantastic! It's way better than my expectations!
Matty Michaels Sep 18, 2012
@Jon I would disagree... Strongly... Very strongly.
Jon Wheel Sep 18, 2012
The McLaren P1 is hideous
Prince Huang Sep 18, 2012
Hmm, I doubt a 3-Series would appear here...
Sebastian Grey Sep 18, 2012
Would you look at that? My favourite car ever is on here.
Robert Young Jan 17, 2013
Eh needs updated lights
Tj Sapko Sep 19, 2012
Like the old school look
John Serely Sep 18, 2012
One of the best rear ends out there
Description: Ok, so the Pagani Huayra is also a work of art, but we already covered that in a previous series. You also shouldn't get the impression that the C8 is all form and no function; it's still a ...
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Description: But that coachwork is light, being made of aluminum, and the car weighs just 2,750lbs. That's lighter than just about everything it competes with. Power comes from an Audi-sourced 4.2-liter V8. T...
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Carlton Salmon Sep 19, 2012
Isn't this one the Aileron?
Cody Gillard Sep 18, 2012
chris i had the same exact thought its really cool though
Chris Marshall Ernst Sep 18, 2012
Does anyone NOT look at those side "treatments" and imagine missiles and machine guns housed in them?
Chris Penza Sep 18, 2012
I need to drive one of these. This is one of the coolest cars out there
Colby Church Sep 18, 2012
A set of glossy black wheels would really make this thing pop.
Jay Kolvenbag Sep 18, 2012
It's ugly but sooo beautiful
Kyle Kloewer Sep 18, 2012
I remember a luxury car dealer that webber bust. It had one of these and it was my favorite thing to sit in and look at
Jordan Jackson Sep 18, 2012
I love that the wheels look like old props for a biplane
Description: Half separate model and half offshoot of the C8 is the C12. This is similar to the C8 is most ways, but the mid-mounted engine is a 6.0-liter W12, the same one that has been found under the hoods of t...
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Description: Their performance wasn't especially noteworthy, but the fact that they were able to compete at all did give the brand just enough performance credibility to be allowed to stay in the supercar clu...
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Kyle Kloewer Sep 18, 2012
But there was one where I live?
Dylan Bruder Sep 18, 2012
Sweet! Love the c12
Cody Gillard Sep 18, 2012
love that front end
Colby Church Sep 18, 2012
Now this is a great looking car.
Jay Kolvenbag Sep 18, 2012
Rockets come out of those holes on the sides
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 18, 2012
I want all the models!!!
Davidia Romozzi Feb 18, 2013
I,v driven this car recently and let me tell you,if your house was big I would make an extra room in my house just for the car she is hot
Davidia Romozzi Feb 18, 2013
Driven one when driving this car it becomes part of you,you can,t but drive it all day
Davidia Romozzi Feb 18, 2013
Sexy and streamline
John Jenkins Sep 19, 2012
that roofline really bugs me
Description: The quilted leather interior with its exposed gearshift will certainly impress your date if the car's strangely beautiful exterior styling doesn't. The $239,000 base price isn't going t...
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Description: If you find that the short wheelbase isn't to your liking, you can order it with a long one. They'll even throw in a special edition Chronoswiss watch to match the motif of the car, for an ...
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John Serely Sep 18, 2012
"view their preformance cars as fashion accessories" I absolutely hate when people view cars as fashion accessories.
Joja Allawei Sep 19, 2012
Esam Mohammad Sep 19, 2012
Yah it's a Saab probably .. Look at the emblem . Sharp eye btw
Jörgen Nilsson Sep 19, 2012
There is no such thing as a SAAB 209.
Jörgen Nilsson Sep 18, 2012
Could be a SAAB 9-5. Would be logical, since Spiker owned SAAB for a while.
Esam Mohammad Sep 18, 2012
I can't guess what car is infront of the spyker :s can anyone of you recognize it ?
Colby Church Sep 18, 2012
I like this one. But I'd prefer a chocolate interior or maybe white.
Cody Gillard Sep 18, 2012
i love the gear shift in spykers
Taylor Garry Sep 18, 2012
Always thought the exposed gearshift was really cool