Comments - 1,400hp GT-R Rip the Strip in 9 Secs

Published: Sep 18, 2012
Description: Switzer Performance's epic R1K-X Nissan GT-R has been featured on CarBuzz before, but now we have the official video of its devastating quarter-mile run, driven by owner John Shepherd.
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Robert Stephen Young Sep 20, 2012
So how can I get 1,000hp out of my EcoBoost F-150 Twin Turbo V-6 again.
Patrick Schalk Sep 19, 2012
You guys can have your GTRs and Lambos. I want my Viper ACR.
Jim Jimm Sep 19, 2012
9 secs. When I say it it sounds like 9 sex
Dustin Kennedy Sep 19, 2012
Well for 150,000$ you can get a super car so that makes more sense then a 300,000$ Lamborghini
Jamal Afzal Sep 19, 2012
Wow. Amazing once more. Ugly rims though!
David Liebe Hart Sep 19, 2012
This is ridiculous, do want!
Tara Fitria Sep 19, 2012
To me,maybe you,$300,000 is a lot of money. To someone that's legitimately in the market for a lamborghini, more often than not, probably wouldn't be comparison shopping against this gtr. But, If I had that type of money id find a way to have both.
Tara Fitria Sep 19, 2012
Cody I agree this car rocks but if I had the money to burn, I'd definitely buy a lamborghini. Especially that dragon aventador that was on carbuzz recently. They look awesome and the sound that they make is incredible. For a dd tho, this gtr is it.
Cody Jacques Sep 19, 2012
And Tara this car Rocks, I sorta think its silly how people spend 300 grand on a lambo when for far less you could buy a gt-r and make it one of these.
Cody Jacques Sep 19, 2012
I say we write complaints to car buzz to ban Connor. He's just using this as a outlet to needlessly complain and argue..
Tara Fitria Sep 19, 2012
This thing weighs 3800lbs stock plus 300 extra for this car. That's a good bit to get down the track in under 9 seconds. It seems to be one of the most comfortable and practical daily driver to do it in.
Zeus Mocha Sep 19, 2012
with factory options/choices.
Zeus Mocha Sep 19, 2012
@conner, why did you bring up 0-60 times? I didn't say anything negative about the base GTR. Basically what Kyle said, why compare a base GTR with a car that, fully loaded, costs about 5g's more than base. You can shove another 30g's into the GTR
William Smith Sep 19, 2012
Need to put the fatzilla on a diet and retry. Pull everything but the alternator from the engine belts, cut out all the sound deadening remove the crash bars, go fiberglass on the windows, put in a 5gal fuel cell and rerun this beast
Paul Pickard Sep 18, 2012
The guy said they added 300lbs to an already heavy car. Thing needs all that hp to drop into the 8's. Not sure how dude gets away with no roll cage. Break 10's at my englistown with no cage and your out.
Richard James Fillmore Sep 18, 2012
I'd say an 8.97 is pretty good considering a Bugatti only runs a 9.8... And I'm sure they spent far under 1.2 million on this GT-R
Thomas Messina Sep 18, 2012
As many horses as a monster truck...
No Pistons Sep 18, 2012
Depending on the motor, yes and no
Leigh Martin Sep 18, 2012
Do you have any clue how much power and torque it takes to take time off once you get below 10 seconds? You act like going from a 10.8 to a 8.97 is easy.
Kyle Rawn Sep 18, 2012
@Miguel. You can't compare a fully loaded to a base model. Idiot. And besides 97/30 is still more than 3 :p
Matt Piccolo Sep 18, 2012
@ Patrick, oh I'm so sorry... since I haven't heard of the brand of razor u use u just assume it's cuz I don't shave (dumb ass)... I use gillette and I really don't pay attention to the other gazillion brands out there so sorry :)
Miguel Jimenez Sep 18, 2012
@Patrick what are talking about? Matt ages like a dog remember?
Patrick Schalk Sep 18, 2012
I guess you haven't hit puberty yet Matt. You will one day.
Matt Piccolo Sep 18, 2012
That made NO sence and what's narelco
Patrick Schalk Sep 18, 2012
The exterior is awesome if you like electric razors by Norelco.
Matt Piccolo Sep 18, 2012
@ no pistons, that's what I meant, they did a AWESOME job with the exterior and interior!
No Pistons Sep 18, 2012
Nvm I read that as since it has power it has a good tuning. Honestly I believe it's the characteristics of the motor/car every drag racing GTR that has over 1,000 hp and it isn't a huge gain
Miguel Jimenez Sep 18, 2012
@No Pistons, You sir deserve a high five. I'm glad I'm not the only one who found that odd.
No Pistons Sep 18, 2012
No that means its a horrible tuning job engineering wise. If your referring to the looks of the car then yes it looks great.
Miguel Jimenez Sep 18, 2012
@Kyle fully loaded it's 30,000. "Yay for the jerk who corrects people?" Is it me or did you just contradict your self?
Chester L Tuazon Sep 18, 2012
That much HP and only does 9sec?
Matt Piccolo Sep 18, 2012
@ no pistons, just cuz they got a lot of power out of it doesn't mean they did a good job tuning it
Daniel Eads Sep 18, 2012
Almost three times the original power and it shaved 1.8 seconds off? That doesn't sound like the best power application.
No Pistons Sep 18, 2012
Really it has 1,400hp and AWD and it can only pull a 9 sec...................yup I just went there
Matt Piccolo Sep 18, 2012
@ colby, the 2013 gtr runs a 1/4 in 10.8, with the zl1 @ 11.9... Idk where u got ur times from but the 2 aren't even comparable anyways
Patrick Schalk Sep 18, 2012
Hahaha Connor sucks at reading. He made my point for me I guess.
Abraham Mendoza Sep 18, 2012
Are we done here. Because this is about the GTR, so....damn that's fast!
Austin Oxner Sep 18, 2012
My dear God, son. Hahaha. What an amazing machine!
Kyle Rawn Sep 18, 2012
@miguel actually the SRT Viper is 4x as expensive (97k/23k =4). Yay for being that jerk who corrects people
Zeus Mocha Sep 18, 2012
This thing is sick, red and black go great together.
Zeus Mocha Sep 18, 2012
40G's is still a pretty big difference and thats for base GTR. You can run it up to 120. Also GTR and ZL1 are really not in the same class even with the idea of 2 door 4 seater. It's not like you can really use the back seats.
Miguel Jimenez Sep 18, 2012
@Connor O and by the way the Viper is 3 time the price of the miata.
Miguel Jimenez Sep 18, 2012
@Connor more like 45,000... Is it me or does Connor start arguments over the stupidest sh*t?
Colby Church Sep 18, 2012
And btw, a stock ZL1 will destroy a stock GTR in the quarter mile. Look up their times.
Colby Church Sep 18, 2012
@Charlie Actually it is a Plastic-Fiberglass blend which took millions of dollars to develop, far from "cheap". The car also utilizes Magnesium, Titanium, and Aluminum parts. Also it is sturdy, and doesn't dent or rust. ;)
Frederick Perez Sep 18, 2012
Race it w/the 1200hp Lambo!
Amir Kayani Sep 18, 2012
Woah... That's a fast GTR. I like it.
Patrick Schalk Sep 18, 2012
Wanna compare the Miata and Viper ACR next?
Patrick Schalk Sep 18, 2012
Henz the GTR costs twice and sometimes three times more than those. That wouldn't make any sense.
Henz Herrero Sep 18, 2012
I dnt like that the gtr is being compared to the vettes and vipers.. I think it shud be compared to the tol camaros and mustangs because they are all 2 door 4 seaters..
Nick Schnee Sep 18, 2012
A sub-7-sec four cyl? It must've broken down right after driving the quarter mile.
Tim Preisinger Sep 18, 2012
I don't care for the GTR that much... But this is the nicest one I think I have ever seen
Jairo Rguez Sep 18, 2012
This is the same guy that also has a 7 second Talon. Not bad for a 4 cylinder.
Patrick Schalk Sep 18, 2012
I'm just busting everyones balls. This GTR is one of the better looking ones I've seen on here.
Matt Piccolo Sep 18, 2012
@ Patrick, the gtr hasn't been out nearly as long as the z06 and not nearly as many people have tuned one so its kinda expected a z06 would have a better time, people have more experience with em
Stalin Hit Sep 18, 2012
@colby That's no street legal vett
Felix Rhett Sep 18, 2012
@william you weren't's beautiful...
Daniel Eads Sep 18, 2012
Tyler, you do know that fiber glass is made from plastic right?
William Downs Sep 18, 2012
More important news is out, the p1 has been fully shown
Brady Fereday Sep 18, 2012
I saw a guy on Facebook post a 8 second quarter mile
Tyler Tarbox Sep 18, 2012
@Charlie. Actually the Vette is made from fiberglass. Don't believe everything you hear on Top Gear
Colby Church Sep 18, 2012
This things a beast, but you guys should really do an article on Rod Saboury's 1963 Corvette Stingwray. It's the fastest street legal car in the world. 6.9 sec quarter mile at like 225 mph I believe. Sub 1 second 0-60. A real monster, It's insane.
Tara Fitria Sep 18, 2012
Sorry...sub 9 second car, even more surprising.
Tara Fitria Sep 18, 2012
I'm surprised not to see a roll cage in a sub 10 second car.
Charlie Austin Sep 18, 2012
Yeah Patrick, cheap plastic is pretty lightweight..
Kamal SY Sep 18, 2012
Wooow that's so freakin fast. Let's kick the bugatti's ass
Henz Herrero Sep 18, 2012
Of course.. Someone has to bring up a z06 in a gtr thread..
Patrick Schalk Sep 18, 2012
Saw that a Z06 did a 7.4 at LS fest. Suck it.
Kyle Rawn Sep 18, 2012
Thank you Carbuzz for actually posting a tuned GT-R worth reading about.
Description: The Oberlin, Ohio-based tuning shop has added a plethora of goodies to the GT-R, including extensive work on Godzilla's 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 that, on race fuel, now produces a mind-blowing 1,4...
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Adam Beiersdorfer Sep 19, 2012
Well Herr Stig... The big Fast and The Furious craze was all about the 10 second quarter mile car... I'm not big on drag racing myself... But this thing is crazy fast... Without sacrificing any of the creature comforts...
Das Stig Sep 19, 2012
Adam, I already said, I don't know like anything about drag racing because I honestly don't like it. I was just curious if they could make it faster because I've always heard 8 sec car.
Paul Pickard Sep 18, 2012
Not a lot of cars out there breaking 8's with full interior and creature comforts.
Adam Beiersdorfer Sep 18, 2012
Strip it down and make it faster??? It's doing over 160mph in a quarter mile... That's nearly 3 times the speed of an average car in that same distance... That's a fast car period!
Das Stig Sep 18, 2012
ok, so if they made this like a full blown dragger (ya I'm makin up my own words) and stripped it out and stuff then it would be a lot faster.
Matt Piccolo Sep 18, 2012
Yea it would help if they cut a bit of weight lol
Aaron Crisp Sep 18, 2012
@Carlos 2.2 seconds.
Brady Fereday Sep 18, 2012
Das stig 9 is fast when you have actually put more weight in the car I hear for every 100 pounds it's about 1 tenth of a second added to your time
Das Stig Sep 18, 2012
I don't know much about drag racing but isn't 9 sec not the best for a quarter mile? I always hear 8 sec car.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Sep 18, 2012
I wonder how fast it hits 60. Maybe 2.0 seconds
Paul Pickard Sep 18, 2012
Looks great. Could use a better set of rims for off track use.
Shelby Cassandra Sep 18, 2012
Wouldn't usually say this, but that is a nice car!
Zachary Crowley Sep 18, 2012
The red and black looks great
Mark McRearie Sep 18, 2012
its removed because it limits the top speed and causes a lot of drag
Abraham Mendoza Sep 18, 2012
I think it looks great without it. And spoilers can cause drag too.
Kyle Rawn Sep 18, 2012
@Brandon. I doubt it. They added 300lbs. just in an upgraded interior! I'm sure the spoiler isn't that much more weight in comparison.
Yamang Sour Sep 19, 2012
What da nice car!
Zack Hartman Sep 18, 2012
Yes but there are nice performance wheels
Devin Babyn Sep 18, 2012
Those are there for the performance not the looks
Matt Piccolo Sep 18, 2012
Looks absolutely perfect minus those wheels
Danny MH Sep 18, 2012
thats some seriously fugly wheels...
Brad Hickey Sep 18, 2012
so this is the paint godzilla needs to look pretty!
Zaire Wilkins Sep 18, 2012
minus those wheels
William Downs Sep 18, 2012
Holy shit thats one gorgeous car
Ahmed Barrasali Sep 18, 2012
I'm the first...Its mine ;-)
Hanoon AnGel Sep 18, 2012
That shit is sick
Matt Piccolo Sep 18, 2012
This is perfect!
Matt Piccolo Sep 18, 2012
Love it with the those wheels and the spoiler
Brock Zager Sep 20, 2012
The dog needs to be a red pitbull
Matt Piccolo Sep 18, 2012
Yes it's a gallardo
Abraham Mendoza Sep 18, 2012
Because the dog built this thing.
Tim Preisinger Sep 18, 2012
The puppy wants a ride
Brandon Whybrew Sep 18, 2012
These rims look a lot better
Tyler Tarbox Sep 18, 2012
Maybe I'm missing something, but what's with the dog? Lol
Serge Pankratov Sep 19, 2012
Thats a bitchin interior!!
Tara Fitria Sep 19, 2012
Interior is well done.
Buddy Robinson Sep 18, 2012
I beg the differ. The stock wheels has to be my favourite of any car
John Serely Sep 18, 2012
That steering wheel looks muuuucchhh better than stock IMO