Comments - Playgirls and their Supercars Light up Monaco

Published: Sep 17, 2012
Description: Spotting supercars in Monaco is an everyday occurrence, even those that are driven by the fairer sex. In this latest compilation video, shot in and around the Cote d'Azur and Monte Carlo, Marchet...
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Tyler James Davis Sep 18, 2012
@Christo ya you know more about playgirl magazine then me, your right.
Chris Gaines Sep 18, 2012
someone needs to dream a little bigger..
statusone Sep 18, 2012
more like "check out the golddiggers of monaco" or "check out the women that played men, married them and divorced them for their money and took half their things" . these women are shallow, no doubt. do i want this lifestyle of pretty (awful) women and (unnecessarily) expensive cars? no, id rather have my present (pleasant) girlfriend for the rest of my life and we can eat humble pie in happiness...
Christo Savaides Sep 17, 2012
No they're not. That doesn't even make sense. If you're talking about how Playgirl Magazine has dudes in it then you must realize the guys in the magazine aren't called playgirls. It's called Playgirl because girls buy the magazine.
Tyler James Davis Sep 17, 2012
Playgirls are actually guys...
Description: Check out the typical day in Monaco.
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Christian De Prisco Sep 19, 2012
I will believe those chicks were actually driving the cars, but my question is: who was parking them?
Ahmed Barrasali Sep 17, 2012
It is the limited edition Roding Roadster 23
Petre Draghici Sep 17, 2012
I was going to ask the same question.
Carlton Salmon Sep 17, 2012
What on earth was the red and black car driving into the tunnel that followed the clip of the black and bronze Bugatti Veyron?
Thomas Blair Sep 17, 2012
Damn i want those cars, and some of the chicks aswell
Wyatt Gordon Sep 18, 2012
I absolutely love the 8C!!! it's my #1 favorite car!!! in this case, screw the girl, give me the car!
Carlton Salmon Sep 17, 2012
She's gonna drive in THOSE shoes?!
Otnay Nat Sep 17, 2012
The red is a nice compliment to the black ....
Paul Lissona Sep 17, 2012
I think she looks pretty good.
John Jenkins Sep 17, 2012
she is hot as hell haha
Ahmed Barrasali Sep 17, 2012
The black thing is more exciting than the one in Red !
Michael Gallagher Sep 19, 2012
Couldn't this girl just be admiring the car? Not like she has even gotten in it yet lol. Just asking
MissLaura Anne Sep 18, 2012
@ Ken: nicely put. Cars like that don't just drop in your lap and read you directions.
Ken Kenarro Sep 17, 2012
Enjoy the car which is very very epic, rather than judging the and I will assume just for the sake of it skilled driver as it is in Monaco where "skills" is required to handle such a car in "slow" traffic without damaging any of it's components.
Ken Kenarro Sep 17, 2012
It is really interesting people are trying to beat her down as if she does not deserve the car. Ever thought maybe she worked hard and bought it without gold digging? Or maybe just maybe she can turn around and "Alas" she is a 'he', then what?
Carlton Salmon Sep 17, 2012
I can't imagine she'd find this car alot of fun stuck in the stop and start traffic in Monaco trying not to slip the clutch or hold it on the hills using the hand brake. I'd gladly take it off her hands though...
John Serely Sep 17, 2012
Yes dillon, they were
Steve Waskiewicz Sep 17, 2012
The car may be difficult to drive but at what speeds. Monaco is quite crowded and if you're just driving it around tow then the learning curve isn't anything to squawk about.
Isaias Almanza Sep 17, 2012
She knows where the dipstick is. He's at home, wondering where his Carrera GT went.
Dillon Dixon Sep 17, 2012
This is my kind of girl! Carrera GT and blue jeans! And aren't all Carrera GTs manual? Cause that would be another plus for her.
Jeff Link Sep 17, 2012
Pretty sexist Alex.. That is not a car just anyone can drive. You have to be skilled to drive this car. Anyone that can drive this knows what they are doing. That being said, she is standing outside of it.... Could be just taking a picture too :)
Dillon Olson Sep 17, 2012
I'm rather surprised, that car is notoriously difficult to drive. The Stig took quite a while learning it's intricasies.
MissLaura Anne Sep 17, 2012
Owning a car like that means she probably actually does know quite a bit about her car. You can't drive a sick car like that and not know where the dipstick is.
John Jenkins Sep 17, 2012
knowing about a car doesn't make you any more deserving of it than she is. albeit she may just be a trophy wife
Alex Santaspirt Sep 17, 2012
She probably knows like nothing about it too
Das Stig Sep 17, 2012
it's sucks being a guy because you can practically never be a gold digger and drive a carrera gt. I'll be honest, I'm quite jealous.
Michael Gallagher Sep 19, 2012
@scotty, it's always been about the cars.
Scotty Gee Sep 17, 2012
Dang, I didn't really see one "supermodel" that was even close to being what I would define as a drop-dead gorgeous supermodel. Now, the cars on the other hand.. all gorgeous.
Steve Waskiewicz Sep 17, 2012
Umm.. Nice coat?
Michele Moro Sep 17, 2012
Here take one: omg that SLR is so sexy :333
Ahmed Barrasali Sep 17, 2012
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