Comments - Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series Rendered

Published: Sep 17, 2012
Description: Sitting at the top of the AMG range are two distinct model lines: the SLS AMG and the Black Series. Soon the two are set to intersect, however, as the Mercedes performance division prepares to roll ou...
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Janya Pulusu Sep 20, 2012
My favorite color on the sls
Cody Gillard Sep 18, 2012
like the bumper but the spoiler not so much
Jin Lee Sep 18, 2012
Now there are two Mercs i say i can actually like if i was a billionaire
Dillon Magee Sep 17, 2012
Anybody know when this might be released?
Dillon Magee Sep 17, 2012
That is perfect. That wing makes the car look even better.
Nick Schnee Sep 17, 2012
Yes, I saw that too. It must look rather weird when the second spoiler extends... Apart from that, flawless.
Abraham Mendoza Sep 17, 2012
Wait, does this rendering have 2 spoilers?
Shelby Cassandra Sep 17, 2012
I've always though that it needed a wing since it came out! Finally the car that I've been waiting for and it should be perfect!
Jake Marra Sep 17, 2012
Uhh mabye some of us do have these cars...hint hint checkout my youtube channel!!
Alex Smith Sep 17, 2012
Beautiful. Mercedes are the greatest cars in the world!
Stephen Cobbs Sep 17, 2012
Who cares if you cant afford it. No matter who you are, you appreciate a good car when you see one. People can state their opinions.
Brooks Reilly Sep 17, 2012
The spoiler sets it off from the normal SLS.
Jämes Hill Sep 17, 2012
No you need that spoiler on a car lie this haha. Plus all Black series have it.
Petre Draghici Sep 17, 2012
Lose the spoiler and it would look awesome
Description: Rendered in conjunction with BenzBoost, the model is rumored to pack over 600 horsepower from its 6.3-liter naturally-aspirated V8 thanks to "more aggressive cams, a higher compression ratio and ...
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Jason Brower Sep 17, 2012
Or, you could be smart and buy the Brabus sls, twin turbo power ftw
Michael Riley Sep 17, 2012
I'd rather buy a Mustang :P
Jose Miguel Fernandez Sep 17, 2012
I am a big of the SLS but I would not buy if I had the money, I mean it is almost 2x as expensive as the standard
Cindy Ngo Feb 04, 2013
No spoiler???
Cody Gillard Sep 18, 2012
no front end pics :(
Jin Lee Sep 18, 2012
There was was only 1 Merc i could i say i honestly liked which was C63 Amg Black series but always SLS AMG was just cool but this is like Dayum it meaaaan
Dillon Magee Sep 17, 2012
Definitely in black.
Carlton Salmon Sep 17, 2012
I'll take mine like this please.
John Serely Sep 17, 2012
Yes. That is awesome.
Ghaith AL-sharari Sep 17, 2012
Damn look at those tires !
Cindy Ngo Feb 04, 2013
Great style
supra_mkiv Sep 18, 2012
I thought bimmer was possibly going to remake the m1 that would be sick
Jin Lee Sep 18, 2012
Or maybe as their Supercar sections
Jin Lee Sep 18, 2012
But the BMW are setting i8 for the Green sls, R8 hybrid perhaps NSX (cuz i know it got the looks dont deny) but i think BMW is getting a bit determined with that De tomaso as their Flagship side company like the DeTomaso badge like the genesis
John Serely Sep 17, 2012
...possibly a Lexus flagship in the future. I guess bimmer sort of is planing one in the i8....
John Serely Sep 17, 2012
I agree Brock. I think all luxury manufacturers should have a flagship supercar. Or at least a super expensive GT car. Audi, merc, Lexus all have a flagship supercar, with Acura and Jag coming soon. Caddy is also rumored (production ciel) along with
Brock Zager Sep 17, 2012
BMW really needs to make something to keep up
Dillon Dixon Sep 17, 2012
I freaking love the stance to this monster! I hope it looks very similar to this. I mean look at that back tire!
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 17, 2012
Woooow... That wing is tacky...