Comments - Chris Harris on the Diesel Panamera

Published: Sep 17, 2012
Description: The Panamera polarizes opinion more than any other Porsche. Some gag simply at the sight of one, while others vehemently defend it as the ultimate sports saloon. So where do Chris Harris' allegia...
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Cody Jacques Sep 18, 2012
This car has always reminded me of a whale... It's ugly.
Carlton Salmon Sep 17, 2012
Mighty impressive for what it is but doubt if I could live with those looks.
Description: It wasn't long ago that the concept of a diesel-powered Panamera was filling Harris with rage, not something our American readers will care much about. But that was before he was given one to use...
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Wyatt Gordon Sep 17, 2012
I'd rather have an S63 AMG, not this diesel powered whale looking thing.
Dillon Magee Sep 17, 2012
Maybe s550 or panamera s for me.
Dillon Magee Sep 17, 2012
It would be really hard to choose.
Dillon Dixon Sep 17, 2012
There is absolutely no contest for me in this segment. Where the BMW, merc, and Audi are very executive and boring(IMO). This thing is a full on sports car with 4 doors. And it gets noticed! And these are beautiful in the flesh.
John Serely Sep 17, 2012 um... best sounding, but outdated, too slow and not enough tech, more expensive (not too mention the complaints about the gearbox, at least on older ones)
John Serely Sep 17, 2012
I agree it would be a tough choice for the money. This is by far the most sportiest in the 90k flagship segment (as a S or 4S), S class is most luxurious/best tech and the A8 has best interior, and the 7er is a mix of all 3. And the maserati...
John Serely Sep 18, 2012
I think they look fine on paper, then great in real life!
Logan LeMonnier Sep 17, 2012
Yeah I thought these looked ok on paper but when I saw one in real life I realized how ugly they really are
Eric Dare Sep 17, 2012
Some cars look terrible on paper and great in real life, but to me this looks great on paper, but looks terrible in real life
John Serely Sep 17, 2012
Looks really good!
Logan LeMonnier Sep 17, 2012
It looks like a dog doing its business (words from Jeremy clarkson on the crossfire)
Carlton Salmon Sep 17, 2012
It looks confused.
Matt Piccolo Sep 17, 2012
It's.... Different