Comments - BMW Interested in De Tomaso?

Published: Sep 17, 2012
Description: Fans of Italian cars may be familiar with the name De Tomaso. Not unlike today's Pagani, De Tomaso was founded by an Argentinian in Modena, and made a name for itself back in the '60s and &a...
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Al Tungupon Sep 20, 2012
Italian styling with German engineering - a match made in heaven. If this is BMW's way of finally building their 911, be it M1 or Z6, then go ahead with it.
supra_mkiv Sep 18, 2012
I remember this red pantera it had FAT tires haha
Wyatt Gordon Sep 18, 2012
I'd like to see a new DeTomaso!
Zachary Crowley Sep 17, 2012
If you haven't seen/heard a pantera, you are depeiving yourself of a huge part in car history
Alex Smith Sep 17, 2012
Oh wow. Me gusta mucho
Description: Just what BMW would do with the operation is intriguing. It could end up integrating the Deauville and Pantera that was said to be in the works into its own product line under the BMW badge. Alternati...
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Shelby Cassandra Sep 17, 2012
I'd love to see Ford buy them. Tat way it could be like the old Pantera's but even more insane now. Imagine a higher tuned 5.8 in an Italian car. BMW just depresses me. All of their engines are impossible to fix. I guess I'm biased towards Ford.
Dennis Choong Sep 17, 2012
I think otherwise... German engineering with an exotic Italian design & badge is just what BMW needs. It's difficult to justify a BMW at Ferrari price but this could change everything. Think Audi/Lamborghini
Shelby Cassandra Sep 17, 2012
BMW Pantera? Come on. I love my 74 GTS, but I wouldn't even think about buying a BMW made one.
Ryan Rainville Sep 18, 2012
BMW is totally lacking a true halo car like Mercedes and Audi have in the sls and r8 so if BMW wanted to compete on every level it would make sense for them to buy up detamoso maybe to bring back the m1
Trent Griffin Sep 17, 2012
What I could see is this and the new M1 sharing a chassis thus increasing the volume and making the M1 program more affordable...and having the Detomaso as a revenue vehicle also....
Zach Wilson Sep 17, 2012
is it made out of stainless steel -__-
Paul Lissona Sep 17, 2012
Yah I like the edginess.
Guo-Sheng Huang Sep 17, 2012
Really like this. If the front panels on the side of the hood angle back a bit more would resemble the original more. Cool drawing!!
John Taylor Sep 17, 2012
Looks enough like the old M1 design that I could see them making it a new BMW M1 just as easily as keeping a DeTomaso name around.
Steven Velez Sep 17, 2012
cant see this carrying a bmw badge though
Zach Wilson Sep 17, 2012
does it come with a flux capacitor
Dillon Magee Sep 17, 2012
I didnt like it until I saw this rendering. It looks good from this angle.
Abraham Mendoza Sep 17, 2012
They just have to lower the hood.
Alex Smith Sep 17, 2012
That is a very low roofline. Kinda looks like it got stepped on
Cory Allen Sep 17, 2012
That looks badass!!!
Corey Alan Kelley Sep 17, 2012
Doesn't this look similar to that M1 supercar that was rendered a while back
Jordan Jackson Sep 17, 2012
That looks so mean! I love it
Zach Sullivan Sep 18, 2012
it looks a lot like the sv
Bill Estep Jr Sep 18, 2012
Them tires look like they're hige
Dillon Magee Sep 17, 2012
And I think it would look like a Lamborghini a little even without the wing.
Dillon Magee Sep 17, 2012
Its just that this wing looks very similar to the lp670 wing.
Shelby Cassandra Sep 17, 2012
It looks like a Lamborghini because it has a wing? My mustang has a wing; does that make it look like a Lamborghini too?
Alex Smith Sep 17, 2012
I hate those side skirts
Zeus Mocha Sep 17, 2012
Those are the SV's wings. Minus those, it won't look like one anymore.
Donald Chip Schofield Sep 17, 2012
Looks like a lp-670-4 sv
Jordan Jackson Sep 17, 2012
Exept now it looks like a lambo
Nicholas Di Prima Feb 23, 2013
Love it
Kris Camp Oct 08, 2012
Ford should buy it, bring back the Pantera
Zach Sullivan Sep 18, 2012
I'm thinkin a miura
Chris Cook Sep 17, 2012
reminds me of a ferrari 308
Tobias Mersinger Sep 17, 2012
IMO nothing looks better than the original, but this is truely hot!
Carlton Salmon Sep 17, 2012
Looks even better than the original Pantera IMO.
Bill Estep Jr Sep 18, 2012
Nothin like a lotus what u smokin
Guo-Sheng Huang Sep 17, 2012
Looks like the new Lotus.
Cody Fullerton Sep 17, 2012
Aaaaaaand then there's this awful thing...