Comments - Lexus Updates LX570 SUV for 2013

Published: Sep 16, 2012
Description: These days Lexus makes a whole range of SUVs and crossovers, but back in the day there was only one: the LX. Essentially a rebadged version of the Toyota Land Cruiser, the LX was and remains a leather...
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Jacob Burford May 19, 2013
Who would ever consider buying this over a Range Rover or Mercedes GL? These are horrible and outdated!
Shane Prasad Dec 17, 2012
Looks exactly like the land cruiser. Ugly
Sea Wolf Oct 21, 2012
nice upgrade for a toyota lmfao what a joke
Matthew Crighton Sep 17, 2012
They have never appealed to me. And the bug eyes aren't helping
Michael Evans Sep 16, 2012
It's bugged eye it. It's eyes look like my pugs at the vet.
Otnay Nat Sep 16, 2012
A friend and I was in the market for some luxury SUV....he bought this one and I got the range rover sport supercharged .... He's jealous on my car ....that's all I can say .
Dave Lewis Sep 16, 2012
ignoring the front it looks like a land cruiser!
darrellbell24 Sep 16, 2012
this truck is wayyyy over priced and isn't even HALF as good as its competition....and its ugly at that
Description: In addition to iPod, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, the LX now includes high-def radio and Lexus Enform 2.0 information system. The rest carries over essentially unchanged, including the monstrous 5....
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Zaire Wilkins Sep 16, 2012
this is why i see more QX56's on the road and i like the new 2013 mercedes GL
Henz Herrero Sep 16, 2012
I guess u have to sit your two last passengers on the trunk then or on top of your truck..
Dillon Magee Sep 16, 2012
This or a Range rover. Hmmmm. Range Rover.