Comments - Ferrari Parade at Silverstone Sets New World Record

Published: Sep 16, 2012
Description: Although yet to be officially ratified by Guinness, it's only a matter of time before the biggest parade of Ferraris that descended upon the Silverstone circuit over the weekend is announced as a...
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Thibault Leroy Sep 16, 2012
Tell me how this is not the top article?
Das Stig Sep 16, 2012
well, considering they make new Ferraris every year there becomes more and more people who own them so I hope that more show up every year.
Description: The ambitious attempt also managed to raise money for BEN, a British charity that supports motor-industry employees and their families, to which Ferrari donated £5 for every car in the parade.
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Michael Riley Sep 17, 2012
I spy with my two eyes not a single F50 :(
Ryan Yee Sep 16, 2012
You drive a Ferrari 458?Psh..
Read Mills Sep 16, 2012
They should have led out all the cars chronologically!
Thibault Leroy Sep 16, 2012
Dude thats better than nothing. They donated over a million recently for that earthquake
Luis Enrique Lara Sep 16, 2012
This is pure hypocresy £5 for each car?? I mean £4000 aun something pounds donated by a company that charges £250,000 pounds (or more) for a car is just stupid, be carefull ferrari with that amount of money given away You may fall in bankrupcy
Elias Harb Sep 16, 2012
964 pounds ? Thats not much...
Thibault Leroy Sep 17, 2012
Thats not clarkson
John Jenkins Sep 17, 2012
doesn't really look like clarkson
Erik Rudolph Sep 16, 2012
That really isn't surprising that Jeremy does
Paolo White Sep 16, 2012
Clarkson and his wife. Both chain smokers
Wyatt Gordon Sep 16, 2012
idk why people like matte black so much. matte colors are cool, but mate black looks like you painted the car with underseal
Thibault Leroy Sep 16, 2012
The leather one is a 430 not 360
August Burrichter Sep 16, 2012
Matte Black Challenge Stradale
Ashen Fonseka Sep 16, 2012
That's the Matt black
Walker Carroll Sep 16, 2012
I don't remember the leather one having those cat flaps for windows
Nick Schnee Sep 16, 2012
That's what I was gonna ask... Looks leather to me.
boldcars Sep 16, 2012
is that the leather wrapped one or just matte black?
Tom Brewer Sep 17, 2012
Agree a comment below
Thibault Leroy Sep 16, 2012
Apply cold water to that burn (to massa)
Ashen Fonseka Sep 16, 2012
Ferrari actually need him
Walker Carroll Sep 16, 2012
Where's Fernando?
Bill Estep Jr Sep 16, 2012
I wonder.. They look at the same cant really spot any vintage one it's cool n all but from what I'm seeing a lot of 360's n Mondena's
Ghaith AL-sharari Sep 16, 2012
A I'm blinded by the colors
Dennis Choong Sep 16, 2012
Holy shit... that's a lot of Ferrari
Donte Perino Sep 16, 2012
I want to be there.
John Jenkins Sep 17, 2012
too bad they put two Cali's at the front
Wyatt Gordon Sep 16, 2012
I'll have the white 458 coupe with black roof, the one in the front
Josh Hazzard Sep 16, 2012
Nice 599 gto middle 3 back
Matthew Malyapa Sep 16, 2012
i saw this car in london what a beast
Roggina Froggina Sep 16, 2012
It probably cost five grand to get that car there and that is all they donated to charity. Seems a bit out of balance...
Dennis Choong Sep 16, 2012
I thought XX program cars are kept at Ferrari?