Comments - 5 Top Gear Live Stunts

Published: Sep 16, 2012
Description: You may find yourself booking a flight to England to catch the next performance of Top Gear Live after you've seen all of these videos. These clips show some of the coolest (four Ford Focus RS dr...
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Description: There are few things in the world more ridiculous than a race made up entirely of Reliant Robins. For the few who don't know, the Reliant Robin has three wheels and is prone to flipping over. Nee...
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Description: Fifth Gear's single loop-the-loop stunt looks like child's play compared to this double loop-the-loop performed at Top Gear Live South Africa. The Top Gear team may have cut corners by not u...
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Description: The Top Gear Live stunt team and the Ford Focus RS are the stars of the show in this video. Four Ford Foucs RS were tossed around the stage in a performance that looked more like a rock show than a di...
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Taylor Greenfield Sep 16, 2012
The Focus RS is FWD :/
Thibault Leroy Sep 16, 2012
Wow it looks like theyre about to fall off the stage
Darren Nardo Sep 16, 2012
That's some serious driving!! Awesome!
Description: Top Gear Live showed Chevy the proper way to bungee jump using a hot hatch during its stop in Moscow. The Sonic may have dipped its nose in a small pool of water, but this hatchback actually has a liv...
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Description: Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Top Gear Australia's Shane Jacobson raced each other using motorized household appliances. A motorized washer and dryer faced off against a surprisingly speedy iron...
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Jose Miguel Fernandez Sep 17, 2012
Only in top gear
Keaton Schelir Sep 16, 2012
Wait what was Clarkson driving?