Comments - VW Rolls Out New Cross Caddy

Published: Sep 15, 2012
Description: Crossover are all the rage these days, but one step below that sits a wide range of cars given a pseudo-off-road treatment. Subaru calls its line Outback, Audi the Allroad and Volkswagen has the Cross...
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Paul Lissona Sep 18, 2012
All cars have plastic bumpers, your talking about the additional plastic shielding stuff. Geez people sound very ignorant.
Kie Morris Sep 16, 2012
This has a twin sister... The soda yeti urban priced at 18,336 for the top spec 2.0 TDI
Kie Morris Sep 16, 2012
All roads do go off road the plastic bumpers aren't for show they are 4 wheel drive and sit higher then normal audis therefore plastic rough mouldings are installed to eliminate the risk of stone chips on the arches and sill
Corey Mullis Sep 15, 2012
all audis can go off road a little, adding plastic bumpers doesnt make them any more capable. the Allroad vehicles are stupid
Prince Huang Sep 15, 2012
But it's very low
Prince Huang Sep 15, 2012
All road can go off road
Tyler Chess Sep 16, 2012
Ford transit anyone?
Bennie Andthe Jets Sep 15, 2012
If you don't own some type of business, I couldn't see why you'd own one of these
Justin Mancuso Sep 15, 2012
Looks kinda like the skoda yeti
Clay Williams Sep 15, 2012
Cross caddy is a stupid name. For any car aspeasaly a transit.
Walter Alexander Thomas Sep 15, 2012
Ford Transit body
Description: Black wheel arches, side sills and lower bumpers, undercarriage guard plates, tinted windows and rear lamps, silver roof rails and gloss-black, silver-rimmed air vents all feature in the soft-roader v...
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Carlton Salmon Sep 16, 2012
Great looking van - looks good in green too.
Bennie Andthe Jets Sep 15, 2012
Surprisingly attractive for a lime green work van
Simon Trépanier Sep 15, 2012
Please VW, bring this vehicule to Canada and I will buy it!
Michael Evans Sep 15, 2012
Cool like the green insert on the seats