Comments - Updated Honda CR-Z to Debut in Paris

Published: Sep 15, 2012
Description: Honda is bringing a small fleet of mildly-revised models to the Paris Motor Show this month, and the CR-Z is one of them. Without revealing a complete set of details, the Japanese carmaker confirmed t...
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dave.hall.5437923 Jul 20, 2014
some people dont understand the concept of sex on wheels. smh (it looks best white or red)
Clay Williams Sep 15, 2012
There's also the silly rims designed by a 12 year old.
Matt Piccolo Sep 15, 2012
Still don't see how it looks ricey but okay
Clay Williams Sep 15, 2012
And it looks good for some cars but not this one.
Bennie Andthe Jets Sep 15, 2012
Everyone is using that LED headlight look these days
Clay Williams Sep 15, 2012
Yes the blue head lights with there over use of LEDs do look cheap. It's like they know the people who by this car would rice the crap out of it so they gave them some help. Think of it as a ricer starter kit.
Matt Piccolo Sep 15, 2012
How to they look "ricey"
Michael Beach Sep 15, 2012
It already comes with ricey eBay looking headlights. How convenient for the Eco-friendly ricer
Dylan Bruder Sep 15, 2012
Yeah I wish they'd make the si engine an option I really like how these look
Kevin Capodice Sep 15, 2012
Great looking car just completely useless a sport hybrid that isn't fast or gets hybrid fuel mileage plus it's only a 2 seater
Description: Expect more than the 122 horsepower the current unit puts out, but less than the CR-Z GT which Mugen is fielding in the Super GT series in Japan. Despite a boost in performance, Honda claims fuel econ...
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Frederick Perez Sep 15, 2012
Pic taken from a cellphone??
Daniel Eads Sep 15, 2012
Because they don't want to give away the side profile. Just the rims. A lot of cars get put down just because of their rims. They reveal them early so people will know what to expect and focus more on the body.
Shelby Cassandra Sep 15, 2012
Why do they always have a picture of the new rim? If they'd show a side profile you can see it just fine.
Matt Piccolo Sep 15, 2012
The interior on these is actually pretty sick!
John Serely Sep 15, 2012
*exterior----not interior
John Serely Sep 15, 2012
I hope that that doesn't stand for sport +, because there is nothing sporty about this car expect for the interior