Ford Mustang by SR Auto

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Pony car gets a few subtle tweaks from the tuning crew at SR Auto.
Muscle cars with aftermarket parts can get out of hand sometimes, leading to downright eyesores that only an owner could love, purely by virtue of the fact that he paid for it. Fortunately SR Auto knows how to enhance a car without pushing it over the top. The Vancouver-based tuning outfit has served up this custom Mustang as a prime example of how subtle touches and can spruce up a car that looks as badass straight from the factory as Ford's iconic pony car.
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The first thing SR Auto did was add H&R lowering springs, bringing the Stangs center of gravity way down. 18-inch Niche Circuit matte-black wheels further emphasize the Ford's aggressive stance. The Canadian tuner also installed a Magnaflow catback cross-pipe exhaust system and, to make up for a lag in throttle response, a sprint booster was fitted. In other words, subtle tweeks, not major overhauls.