Comments - Brabus Upgrades Mercedes SL550

Published: Sep 15, 2012
Description: Brabus is known for tuning Mercedes-Benz automobiles, and has this time turned its attention to the Silver Star automaker's latest SL-Class roadster. Depending on the engine specified, a power up...
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Janak Solanki Sep 16, 2012
The headlight design is very interesting.
Jin Lee Sep 15, 2012
Never liked Benz too much but the SLS Amg, and the SL roadsters have some damn nice proper roadster line unlike the Last gen SL
Stephen Reed Warren II Sep 15, 2012
I started off trashing this car - but I'm beginning to really like it - more than the prev gen
Description: Good for 435 hp stock, Brabus has remapped the ECU and added intercoolers, stainless quad-pipe exhaust and tweaked injection and ignition. The result is an extra 85 horsepower for a total of 520, bac...
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Matthew Tai Sep 15, 2012
This looks good overall
Austin Jobes Sep 15, 2012
i like the rims on this.
Graham Young Sep 18, 2012
I'm diggin the rims...
Janak Solanki Sep 16, 2012
Is that a tiny spoiler growing out of the diffuser? Clever
Janak Solanki Sep 16, 2012
Looks like a pissed off deep sea fish.
Dickson Lui Sep 17, 2012
Love the Mercedes SL series I am saving up money to buy one in the future.
Dillon Magee Sep 15, 2012
Looks great. Brabus did a good job.
Graham Young Sep 18, 2012
604 lb- ft ya buddy gotta love Germany !!
Janak Solanki Sep 16, 2012
Very clean. I like it