Comments - The Fast and Furious: Russian Drift

Published: Sep 14, 2012
Description: Dashboard-mounted cameras (specifically, Russian dash cams) always provide us with plenty of amusement and from time to time, we like to share our favorite clips with you, the loyal CarBuzz reader. Fi...
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Description: The "For Sale"-sign equipped Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG wasn't having any of that patience, however, and passed the Mondeo the best way he knows how - a monster drift around and through copi...
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Hannes Hedberg Jan 08, 2013
👍 A boss
Long Phi Sep 20, 2012
Miguel go hugh a tree with Dylan...that's person can drive...
Dillon Kingsburgh Sep 16, 2012
That's was bad ass
Miguel Jimenez Sep 15, 2012
@Stas It appeared that the car to right of him was blocking his view how do you know he was able to see what he doing? were you there?
Miguel Jimenez Sep 15, 2012
@Devin huh? Sure someone getting hurt is funny but only when it's self conflicted not when some idiot hits someone because he was trying to show off.
Graham Young Sep 15, 2012
Nice the old Scandinavian flick lol
Bill Estep Jr Sep 15, 2012
Omg that's awesome
Theviper007 Sep 14, 2012
Omg i went to india man i saw lot of drifts like this bmw vs.porsche gt
Peter Jalsaeng Kim Sep 14, 2012
Damn..That was impressive....
Kyryl Martynov Sep 14, 2012
That was epic! 2 thumbs up
Daniel Bellafonte Sep 14, 2012
Shame there was no sound to hear that beastly AMG V8 roar
Stas Allen Sep 14, 2012
@Miguel if there was an old lady he would've saw her. And you haven't lived in Russia like I have. We might be dangerous drivers. And the people walking know that. So they are always cautious. Calm down sir.
David Justice Sep 14, 2012
The cars in front were moving, though slow, so I don't believe there was a crosswalk danger. Awesome move! Funny if that dude crashed we would be saying 'dumbass'.
George Lynch Sep 14, 2012
I'm shook he did not crash
Miguel Jimenez Sep 14, 2012
@Charlie and @Devin If you think someone getting harmed like that is funny I would love to run you over with a 2ton car to see how fun it is or maybe a nice punch to the kisser, your choice.
Charlie Austin Sep 14, 2012
Thank you devin.
Devin Babyn Sep 14, 2012
Miguel that actually would of made this video better.......
Miguel Jimenez Sep 14, 2012
This was dangerous, there could of been a kid crossing the street or an elderly lady on her way to church. The way you guys should see it is if what if your mom was crossing the street and some impatient idiot hits her?
Emilio Luelmo' Sep 14, 2012
I do the same with my CR-V
Prince Huang Sep 14, 2012
Whys the c63 4 sale?
Eric Michalak Sep 14, 2012
I like the two flashes "thanks for letting me in" then gone.
Dylan Bruder Sep 14, 2012
I agree to that John! They piss me off so bad
Cory Hileman Sep 14, 2012
Feint and gone... I love it.
John Serely Sep 14, 2012
I hate really slow drivers. A good driver with a good car knew how to get around him. I think he should be able to do that. Just because one driver doesnt have to be somewhere doesn't mean everyone has time to waste
Dylan Bruder Sep 14, 2012
Wish I made salary and sorry I'm no hippy people just dont know how to drive already don't need some idiot doin that too take it to a track not a crowded intersection
Charlie Austin Sep 14, 2012
Dylan go hug a tree and give a poor guy half your salary.
John Kyle Doggett Sep 14, 2012
Props... That was impressive
Tara Fitria Sep 14, 2012
Move bitch get out da way....
David Parenti Sep 14, 2012
Major props for pulling it off. It's cool this one didn't end up in the Fail section. Don't know if I'd do that in traffic with that car though.
Dylan Bruder Sep 14, 2012
That's not awesome that jerk can wait like everyone else if he did that in the open I'd have no prob but driving like that is selfish and stupid
Taylor Garry Sep 14, 2012
That was pretty damn awesome. Respect for someone who wants to actually drive their car