Comments - '67 Lambo 400 GT Visits Leno's Garage

Published: Sep 14, 2012
Description: Glance at this vintage 1967 Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2 and you'd be forgiven for thinking it had come straight from a museum with just a handful of miles on the clock. But looks can be deceiving. In ...
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Paul Lissona Sep 15, 2012
250,000 miles and five engine rebuilds?! Wow I'd say two at most is normal, some cars have those miles on original engine.
Description: Impressively, those rebuilds of the 4.0-liter V12 were performed by Riddell himself, and for other owners of Lamborghinis with the same engine (such as the early Countach and Miura) contemplating doin...
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Paul Lissona Sep 15, 2012
It's very unreliable with five engine rebuilds in only 250,000 miles. That should only happen like once or twice.
Rodgar Sep 14, 2012
they keept talking about reliability, how many times did the guy said he rebuilt this or that?
Theviper007 Sep 14, 2012
This car made me realize lambos r awesome
Mark Donnelly Sep 15, 2012
eric if u are going for a stingray get the '63. it has the split windows which imo makes it a stingray
Theviper007 Sep 14, 2012
The first lambo was a 350 gtv am i correct
Eric Anthony Sep 14, 2012
I'd rather have a 67 stingray than this.
Eric Dare Sep 14, 2012
A corvette? Don't insult this car like that
John M Weishahn Sep 14, 2012
All-season tires? Seriously?
Prince Huang Sep 14, 2012
This a corvette?!
Bala Uncc Sep 14, 2012
Only for classic lovers. I will take a new lambo instead
Victor Takhanov Sep 14, 2012
and the supra looks just like it from this angle lol
Erick Bernal Sep 14, 2012
I'm gonna be honest.. It's not that pretty.
Jerrod Swenson Sep 14, 2012
This is a car that was begging for hidden headlights when it was designed.
Paul Lissona Sep 15, 2012
Behind the license plate right Miguel?
Miguel Jimenez Sep 14, 2012
@Bill if that's unique place for the gas lid you should check out where the Impala had it.
Bill Estep Jr Sep 14, 2012
Unique place to put the gas lid
Tobias Mersinger Sep 14, 2012
The side looks great, not so sure about the front though.
Miguel Jimenez Sep 14, 2012
I never really liked older Lambos, if I had a chance I would go for the Aventador.
Bala Uncc Sep 14, 2012
There was time when the entire lambo team got plague and died. Then came the new team which started building Awesome looking lambos which we see today. Thanks plague!
Jordan Jackson Sep 14, 2012
Yea, I would have guess Maserati or Ferrari before Lambo, lol
Bill Estep Jr Sep 14, 2012
Wow this is slick would of never guessed it would be a lambo