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Published: Sep 14, 2012
Description: Sexism has been and always will be a big part of the automotive industry. Most cars are designed by men for men. Most car commercials sell to men. These sexist car commercials in particular are aimed ...
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Carter Sullivan Sep 14, 2012
Ah. I originally read the title of this as "sexiest". I see that's not quite the message the writer is going for.
Jon Ashley Sep 14, 2012
Your not the only one
A.J. Brady Sep 14, 2012
So I hope that I am not the only one thinking that a woman wrote this article?
Patrick Schalk Sep 14, 2012
Science has proven that men ARE (collectively) better drivers than women. Soooooooo yeeeahhhh........
Jordan Jackson Sep 14, 2012
Didn't they do this article before?
Description: Goodyear showed just how harrowing life can be for a female driver in this commercial for its Polyglass tires. The ad does a remarkable job at showing just how dangerous crosswalks and potholes can be...
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Shellz Kamar Manhertz Feb 26, 2013
I need to read more lol
Jacob Viiper McCord Sep 15, 2012
I thought this was about sexiest girl commercials. I misread the "sexIST" part.
Jeff Link Sep 14, 2012
LOL what a sexist commercial! Thats crazy that back in the day that this was acceptable not only in the home but on commercials. Amazing...
Description: Buick was slightly more advanced than Goodyear in its portrayal of the 1960s woman. The lady in this commercial actually drives competently, but since she isn't a man she can't ever hope to ...
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Clay Williams Sep 14, 2012
You realize you just said Laugh My Ass Ass Ass Off Off?
Jeff Link Sep 14, 2012
That only a guy can understand... Lol this one is way worse.
Description: This throwback commercial from OK
Chevrolet reveals inside info on what women truly look for in a used car. Used car salesmen should watch this ad before they even think about trying to sell to a ...
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Chris Gaines Sep 14, 2012
I find this commercial to be 100% fact based and not sexist at all.
Description: Nissan found that boobs were the best way to advertise the front independent suspension on its Pathfinder. This is one commercial that is best watched when the wife is not around.
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Dillon Dixon Sep 14, 2012
That one nearly brought me to tears I was laughing so hard! Haha Pure genius!
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Sep 14, 2012
I want a pathfinder now.... And I dont know why.
Description: Toyota knew that the only way men would even be interested in the Scion iQ is if they crammed it full of women, donuts and milk. The resulting ad manages to successfully objectify women, but Scion mis...
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Justin Tang Jun 27, 2013
I want a scion!!
Alexander Sidorin Oct 06, 2012
I won't be against joining those chiqs*
Jacob Viiper McCord Sep 15, 2012
did I see nips at the end or was that her bra?
Josh Andrews Sep 14, 2012
Wow now i get why they were using milk lol!