Comments - McLaren Gives MP4-12C A Nose-Job

Published: Sep 13, 2012
Description: Just a few days ago we brought you reports that McLaren's Special Operations division was preparing to unveil a new face for the MP4-12C. The British racing team turned automaker has not only con...
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Hemmo Karja Sep 25, 2012
The new bumper looks awful...
Andrew Hossann Sep 13, 2012
What I'm interested in are those side mirrors... They are cool
Dillon Magee Sep 13, 2012
I like this nose way better, but the 458 still looks better. IMO.
Kris C. Lopez Sep 13, 2012
I dunno but I'm not really a fan of the new front, while nice the old nose had am elegance to it.
Paul Dickey Sep 13, 2012
Mmmmm nice. Mclaren over Ferrari for me. Not a Ferrari fan.
Carlton Salmon Sep 13, 2012
I really like the improvement of the new nose section of the car.
Michael Mitnik Sep 13, 2012
I really need to drive these cars. I don't know how the 458 is more fun than the mp4-12c. I love both cars so it would be interesting to find out how one car feels like it has a soul while the other doesn't.
John Serely Sep 13, 2012
With all of you arguing about lap times, those are done by professional race drivers, so unless any of you guys are pro driver's, that won't matter! Every review I've read said the 458 is more fun, but mclaren easier to drive.
Stephen Tyler Learn Sep 13, 2012
As for the new front I like it. It looks like they took the front straight off the gt3 car
Stephen Tyler Learn Sep 13, 2012
@dennis the mp412c is faster on leguna seca as well. It was done by motortrend during the best drivers car. Granted that is also a power track but no one has any numbers on the mcclaren with the power boost
Serge Pankratov Sep 13, 2012
Just when i thought this car was perfect, they made it EVEN better!
Dennis Choong Sep 13, 2012
@Joe- the Ring is 20.8km with long straights and big sweepers. I think it flatters 12C straight line advantage much like Dunsfold's power track
Joe Lamouk Sep 13, 2012
@Dennis: the Mp4-12 is 4sec quicker around the Ring.
William Downs Sep 13, 2012
@colby... Be prepared when conor sees that he might flip on u, even though I partly agree... This new front just makes the mclarrens looks match its awsome performance
Corey Mullis Sep 13, 2012
what an insignificant change, why go through the trouble of a facelift if your gonna make it look so similar to the original
Colby Church Sep 13, 2012
This looks much better, and I would take this in yellow with black wheels over a 458 any day. Ferraris are pretty nice, but there's a reason Jay Leno only has old Ferraris, none modern, but has the Mclaren F1 and MP4-12C. Ferrari is overhyped.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Sep 13, 2012
It def adds some character. I like it. And I would take this over the 458.
Dillon Olson Sep 13, 2012
It has the look of a smiling Jack-o-lantern...
Dennis Choong Sep 13, 2012
The 12C is definitely faster on the straight, but it's slower than the 458 on all tracks with the exception of Top Gear's.
Tara Fitria Sep 13, 2012
Yes this is definitely better
Malachi Monteiro Sep 13, 2012
Yes, now the front doesn't look super generic
John Serely Sep 13, 2012
That does look a lot better, but I'd still take a 458. Sounds better, looks better, interior is better (all IMO). And unless you are a pro driver, it is not going to be thy much faster, if faster at all
William Downs Sep 13, 2012
That's worlds better, and I also would take this over the Ferrari, Ferrari don't do it for me
Rockesh Boulder Sep 13, 2012
I would rather have a 458. Performance isn't everything. The 458 has that feeling you don't get in this. And plus it looks better
Wmg Chinchilla Sep 13, 2012
I don't see it... Perhaps they should post side by side picks of the of the original and new design to see the differences.
Tanton Stoneman Sep 13, 2012
I like the new nose. And I would rather have 612 horsepower over 562 any day.
Jt Collier Sep 13, 2012
I personally prefer this to the italia. Not to mention she's a lot quicker 'round a track.
Description: The design of the new bumper, unveiled at the Windsor Castle Concours d'Elegance, blends elements from the 12C's original front end with those of the exclusive High Sport model, of which MSO...
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Ray Moreno Sep 14, 2012
"doesn't stand out"??? I'm pretty sure nothing on the road is quite like this nor does anything provide an experience like it does. Then again I'm a peon who's never driven a Ferrari or anything in comparison *mega sad face*
Besim Hojhalli Sep 13, 2012
Not too much of a difference but it looks better. I like it
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Sep 13, 2012
Lot better than those gills
Hemmo Karja Sep 25, 2012
This nose is sooooo much better
Mkenya Halisi Sep 14, 2012
McLaren do seem more intent on producing track rockets than track beasts, so IMO dhruv, if you do enjoy liberated wheelspin, you're probably not their target market. If e-diffs were cheaper in the 90's, the f1 wouldn't be as we know it today IMO.
Paul Dickey Sep 13, 2012
So you're saying this isn't meant to be driven? Idk what you're trying to say but it's not making much sense.
Zachary Maurer Sep 13, 2012
Ugh this has ac and nav....
John Jenkins Sep 13, 2012
458 is just really dramatic, i just think more refined when I think of this car, no hate to ferraris though.
John Jenkins Sep 13, 2012
I'd rather have this than the 458, looks a lot less jersey shore to me and it's probably more comfortable as a whole.
JB Kolod Sep 13, 2012
Guys this is mclaren, not Ferrari. They don't make driver focused cars, they make track rockets and that's it. It's not fair to ask them to change who they are and try to be something they're not.
Corey Alan Kelley Sep 13, 2012
And the soul of the F1 is just what? A great car for the track with no comforts of an everyday car.. I don't even think the original f1 has A/C how can you claim in the spirit of it that it shouldn't be made destroy a track
Corey Alan Kelley Sep 13, 2012
Dhruv I don't think you know what you're talking about.. You say this is no match for a 458 but this has more horsepower, better 0-60, higher top speed AND still returns better fuel economy
Das Stig Sep 13, 2012
ya, the new f1 will compete wirh the f70.
Chris Gaines Sep 13, 2012
they're making an f1 successor. this car is keeping them profitable