Comments - Leno Drives de Macross Supercar

Published: Sep 13, 2012
Description: It's been a while since the Denim Chin gave an exotic one-off the once-over at his famous garage, so having the de Macross Epique GT1 supercar pay him a visit makes for a nice treat. The car is t...
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Description: The mid-engined, million-dollar race-spirited de Macross features a Multimatic engineered hybrid carbon fiber and aluminum monocoque chassis and 4-way independently adjustable Dynamic Suspension Spool...
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Bobby Comment Sep 13, 2012
Leno is a backstabbing jackass.
Michael Mitnik Sep 13, 2012
Normally I find jay Leno's garage to be long and boring but this one wasn't too bad. The car is nice. As Jay said there are bugs that need to be worked out, but with new Enzo and f1 coming out soon the price tag might be too much just for exclusivity
Aaron Sparks Sep 13, 2012
Looks like something straight out of the early 90's. I'll pass...
Dillon Magee Sep 13, 2012
I like it in their vendome color.
Jason Smith Sep 13, 2012
Looks like the Bugatti EB110...
Charles Pope Sep 13, 2012
Is it strange that this reminds me of a koenigsegg?
Leigh Martin Sep 13, 2012
That's not a bad call, I see that.
Nick Benz Sep 13, 2012
What are you talking about? Its definetly a f430 that backed into a maserati c12
Leigh Martin Sep 13, 2012
A 918 that backed into a Jag xj220
SuperTrofeo Sep 13, 2012
don' blame yourself, i looked at the comments because i was curious if someone already mentioned 918 spyder :P
Daniel Bellafonte Sep 13, 2012
I hate to be the annoying "It looks like [insert car here] guy" but I couldn't help but instantly think. Hello Porsche 918 Spyder thanks to those headlights.
Eric Michalak Sep 14, 2012
They should have finished painting it before letting it leave the factory.
Theviper007 Sep 14, 2012
(the headlights)
Theviper007 Sep 14, 2012
Porsche carrara gt
Chris McCormick Sep 13, 2012
Ferrari and a ford gt mixed, not bashing on it tho I think is awesome
Benni Serious Sep 13, 2012
I like it a lot and i usually dont like supercars. Great colors, very cool design - between classic and outdated. The inside looks cool, love the knobs on the dash.
Das Stig Sep 13, 2012
the overall shape, undeniably does look a bit like a clk gtr. if YOU think it doesn't, then awesome. I honestly don't care if you think it doesn't because didn't ask for your opinion on my opinion. once again, it's an opinion. not a fact.
Michael Mitnik Sep 13, 2012
I think you guys are looking at the rims too much if you feel it looks like the clk gtr. Either way I really like this, except the colour.
Jason Brower Sep 13, 2012
@sam, it does look a fair amount like the clk gtr dtm amg. My local Mercedes dealership has two, on cabrio and one fixed roof. Supposedly a guy offered 900,000 cash for one and they turned him away. True homoglation legends.
Janak Solanki Sep 13, 2012
What is up with that color?
Domenic Sergi-Holt Sep 13, 2012
I was thinking the GTM kit car.
Sam Oglesby Sep 13, 2012
Erm there's something wrong with either your eyes or your memory if you think that looks like a clk gtr
Das Stig Sep 13, 2012
I like this a lot. it really reminds me of like the clkgtr. I think it should be a different color though.
John Jenkins Sep 13, 2012
large mirror haha
Andrew Hossann Sep 13, 2012
That thing looks tiny
Jason Brower Sep 13, 2012
Definitely has an old Lamborghini/ Ferrari back end. I really like that.
Cory Allen Sep 13, 2012
I like the back too, almost looks retro.
Mark Donnelly Sep 13, 2012
I like the back and those tail lights are certainly intresting