Comments - Hot Wheels Sets Record with 92-Foot Corkscrew Jump

Published: Sep 13, 2012
Description: Think Hot Wheels are for kids? Think again. Oh, they're fun alright, but the Mattel toy-car brand has gotten down to some serious business, setting its third world record in eighteen months with ...
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Description: Call it one more feather in the Team Hot Wheels cap and another for Fletcher, who has coordinated the double-loop stunt for the team at the Los Angeles X Games this summer and has driven in several bl...
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Kirk Matos Sep 14, 2012
Cool video that doesn't come out that offen?
Kevin Blockley Sep 13, 2012
Awesome!! But should be noted that it was Mathematically calculated ,speed distance, weight , angle , pitch and yaw. But all the same pretty cool.
Luke Bailey Sep 13, 2012
lemme get that chevelle....
Judah Lindvall Sep 13, 2012
Yeah it would have been nice to have a real time shot showing the whole jump. Impressive tho. Definitely not the smoothest landing but hey they were doing good just to land it on its wheels!!!
Justin Brest Sep 13, 2012
the jump was crazy awesome but the editing on the video was obnoxious
Justin Brest Sep 13, 2012
uhhh... its not a rough landing if you land on your tires.
Thibault Leroy Sep 13, 2012
Wow crazy suspentions!
Harrison Trapnell Sep 13, 2012
You wanna know whats better than successful corkscrew jumps? Non-successful corkscrew jumps :p
Dylan Bruder Sep 13, 2012
Crazy just missed a perfect landing too
Das Stig Sep 13, 2012
that was amazing.
Das Stig Sep 13, 2012
I wonder if this thing is tuned for only cork screws.