Comments - Brabus G-Class Limo and Carbon Aventador Meet in Monaco

Published: Sep 13, 2012
Description: Car spotter Fipeux was in Monaco recently shooting some footage of a stretched, Brabus-tuned Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG when a white and carbon-trim Lamborghini Aventador rolled by.
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Henz Herrero Sep 13, 2012
Brabus never fails to amaze.. Wud love to win the lottery and buy their lineup
Bobby Deslis Sep 13, 2012
You can also see a white Mercedes Sls in the reflection at :19
Ryan Spencer Sep 13, 2012
And a bentley... And a Mercedes SL AMG... Something to be said for high standards.
Jason Colkitt Sep 13, 2012
There was also a Rolls Royce Phantom that was apparently unimportant.
Description: The XXL version of the powerful Brabus G-Wagen has been spotted before, but in combination with the high-contrast Lambo, this is one high-end exotic car showdown sure to leave an impression.
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Art Tuning Nov 07, 2012
Well... front spoiler and wheels are not from Brabus :)
Mkenya Halisi Sep 14, 2012
Those wheels look LR/ Range Rover to me
Mkenya Halisi Sep 14, 2012
Another LWB mod without a change in width. Unsurprisingly the proportions now seem off. Adding more power without increasing track would just be a wreckless move. Looking at you Brabus!! The concept is nice though.
Zachary Maurer Sep 13, 2012
Dhruv, you say that about every car, are you really a car guy?
Roman Zyomko Sep 13, 2012
nice ride! ukrainians are not communists! Those f**king morons killed millions of ukr. people when USSR existed=(
Tracy Keiser Dron Sep 13, 2012
Ukranian lic plates... Damn, these communists!!!
Mkenya Halisi Sep 14, 2012
Nice lambo. I love the idea - the 'canvas roof' look but on a stock shape! IMO it needs more color variation than just black/white to inject some richness/ life.
Ahklil Sadiqi Sep 13, 2012
Hey smart guys, the lambo isn't tuned by brabus. That's the tuning company for the merc
Dillon Magee Sep 13, 2012
How did Brabus ruin it?
Thibault Leroy Sep 13, 2012
Not a big fan of the carbon roof i prefer body color
Zachary Maurer Sep 13, 2012
Brabus dosent deserve comments, they ruined a fine car
Christopher Melendez Sep 13, 2012
wow no comments on the lambo. thats a first!