Comments - 2013 Beetle Gets the R-Line Treatment

Published: Sep 13, 2012
Description: Volkswagen has created a pair of new R-Line packages for its latest take on the classic Beetle. The throwback hatchback now has the option for a new exterior look and another for a fresh interior, cre...
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Mkenya Halisi Sep 14, 2012
The bug's bloody engine belongs to the back VW! C'mon now!!
Description: A set of 19-inch Tornado alloys are available in either black or white. The R-Line interior package includes ventilated Kyalami sport seats, leather-trimmed sports steering wheel, Dark Vanadium decora...
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Jake Knickmeyer Sep 14, 2012
My first car was a 98 new beetle...fantastic, fun to drive car with the 5 speed, and to top it off, it had a psychedelic headliner. Now that I've had time to grow up, I miss that car and all its fruitiness
Mkenya Halisi Sep 14, 2012
It got that reputation because it IS a girly car. That's the main dem this car is aimed at. Hence newer buggies have had flower pots as an optional spec.
Judah Lindvall Sep 13, 2012
Probably wouldn't look girly to anyone if it didn't already have that reputation
Michael Davidson Sep 13, 2012
This model is 100 times better than the last ones.
Dillon Dixon Sep 13, 2012
I wouldn't be embarrassed at all to drive this around. They did a great job with this design.
Buddy Robinson Sep 13, 2012
I'll be honest, it's hardly noticeable
Clay Williams Sep 13, 2012
The LEDs do look a bit out of place there.
Dillon Dixon Sep 13, 2012
These are some fantastic wheels! They fit the car perfectly.