Comments - Volvo Introduces C30 Polestar

Published: Sep 12, 2012
Description: Although Volvo is generally more concerned with safety than the thrill of the drive, the Swedish marque has recently been paying more attention to performance. Much of that comes down to its collabora...
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Das Stig Sep 12, 2012
damn, I only read on to be disappointed. my friend has a c30 t5 r design.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Sep 12, 2012
When Jeremy Clarkson drove this he said that Volvo stated point blanc this wouldn't go into production so this is a big surprise
Jens Lindquist Sep 13, 2012
C30 is a hopeless car to own, it can barely take the ignitionkey in the trunk and no pants i own can hold this key. Also you need an extra parkingspace if your planing on getting out . Get the Focus instead.
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Sep 13, 2012
I'm painting my 04 s60r that color soon
Mike Ulickey Sep 12, 2012
I love the color. And those wheels are really nice. This was great to see on top gear
Kyle Kloewer Sep 12, 2012
On of my favorite hatchbacks
William Downs Sep 12, 2012
But the production one not so much maybe be even or slightly better then a focus st
William Downs Sep 12, 2012
@dhruv... Idk what your talking about the one in the above picture is the 400hp awd model that polestar created originally, the other car in this article they show is the actuall one that Volvo will be selling, the one above will eat a focus st alive
Mkenya Halisi Sep 12, 2012
@ Jordan. It's even less than that @ 250hp
Seth McCormick Sep 12, 2012
Swedish racing green 👌
Jordan Jackson Sep 12, 2012
This things no monster, it only has 273hp and that's coming out if a turbo 5 cyl
William Downs Sep 12, 2012
Wtf this thing would eat a focus, st or not this Volvo is a monster
Andrew Hossann Sep 12, 2012
These cars aren't as popular as I woul think... They are sweet
Cødy Flesch Sep 12, 2012
I got really excited thinking they were going to release the 450 AWD beast but no...
Emil Creed Kleijsen Sep 12, 2012
I saw the article and was like YEEEEEEES!!!! Finally, but no, Volvo can't just be fun, even though everyone wanted that Polestar C30, they pussied out
Description: The most extreme collaboration between Volvo and Polestar netted the C30 Polestar Performance Concept, a 405-horsepower, all-wheel-drive pocket rocket with racing seats, Brembo brakes and an aggressiv...
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Das Stig Sep 12, 2012
it's nothing to insult. it's still an awesome car, just not as cool
Cory Allen Sep 12, 2012
That is so upsetting that I cannot even come up with a proper insult for it!
Mario Callirgos Sep 12, 2012
What happened to 400 hp and awd!!! Bummer
Das Stig Sep 12, 2012
we are just disappointed because it's not the crazy fast one we thought it would be. my friend has a t5 and It's loads of fun. great car, just disappointing.
Vince Cassi Sep 12, 2012
I don't know why everyone is disappointed. I have a C30 R-Design and it is a great car. For the same price you can get an exclusive, even better car. I'm heading to my Volvo dealer today. :-)
William Downs Sep 12, 2012
This stupid production one is but the original was awd.... Volvo needs to sell that one not this crappy over priced c30
Grant Paquin Sep 12, 2012
Jason its fwd- how much more do you want?
Jason Brower Sep 12, 2012
Not very impressive for a turbo 5 of that size...
Description: The C30 Polestar Limited Edition also benefits from mono-tube dampers, 30-percent stiffer springs, harder bushings and a 10 percent quicker steering ratio for faster turn-ins. Inside, the standard equ...
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Vince Cassi Sep 12, 2012
That's the same as a regular C30 R-Design.
Zachary Maurer Sep 12, 2012
Probably cost issues
William Downs Sep 12, 2012
It looks like a stock one with black rims, the original pole star c30 looked and performed amazingly, why try and fix what wasn't broke Volvo?
Description: That may be more than a VW Golf R or Mazdaspeed3, but it comes in less than a similarly decked out C30 R-Design with Polestar's engine goodies which doesn't come with the Limited Edition&apo...
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Matt Piccolo Sep 12, 2012
I REALLY like the fronts and sides but REALLY hate the back! Change the lights and window design and I'll take 1
Kyle Kloewer Sep 12, 2012
That's the best part, the back
William Downs Sep 12, 2012
I love those front fender flares so much, this car is just crazy good looking
Dillon Dixon Sep 12, 2012
This is like my dream hatchback! The looks are amazing, there's 400hp, and it's not FWD! The color on it is perfect for the car. I want it so bad!