Comments - Volkswagen Reveals eT! Research Van

Published: Sep 12, 2012
Description: The impending Paris Motor Show may be the focus of the automotive industry, but the European market for trucks, busses and vans is gearing up for the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hannover, Germany....
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Description: The shape doesn't quite resemble any of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle's current products, so it could preview a new production van from the German industrial giant. Volkswagen will be displa...
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Clay Williams Sep 12, 2012
Super rape 5000, an all new take on rape.
Charlie Stratton Sep 12, 2012
Nobody will actually use this its just a rape van
Jordan Jackson Sep 12, 2012
It's not bad looking for what it is
Dale Schroeder Sep 12, 2012
Okay, the double sliding door is pretty neat.
Tracy Keiser Dron Sep 13, 2012
Looks like its set up as a mail truck/van
Clay Williams Sep 12, 2012
In the future every car will have an iPad. ALL OF THEM!!
Adam Page Sep 12, 2012
Looks like it could be an armored truck...