Comments - Porsche Releases Cayenne S Diesel

Published: Sep 12, 2012
Description: As the six-cylinder Cayenne Diesel is finally introduced to the US market, Porsche has unveiled a new, more powerful diesel-powered version of the popular luxury SUV. Packing a 4.2-liter turbodiesel V...
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Pablo Herasme Sep 12, 2012
626lb-ft .... Damn
Jordan Jackson Sep 12, 2012
Probably, it's the same platform (I think, lol)
Mark Moreno Oct 19, 2012
this is ruining the image of Porsche as a sportscar brand. i hate when sportscar companies make suvs! i'd rather have a mx5 competitor than an suv!
Ty Piper Sep 12, 2012
what is the determining factor between crossover and SUV? I know SUVs generally are body on frame instead of unibody, but is there anything else?
Dillon Dixon Sep 12, 2012
This car is stunning for a crossover.
Description: That's not too shabby for diesel truck, all that while returning 28 mpg on the US combined cycle and emitting just 218 grams of CO2 emissions per kilometer, helped along by a stop/start syste...
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Description: Look for bigger brakes identified by the silver brake calipers, a rear-biased all-wheel drive system with optional torque vectoring and new intakes up front.

Following its world debut in Paris...
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Mike Ulickey Sep 12, 2012
Yea I live near Naperville which is. Chicago burn. And there is tons of these driving around. I like these SUVs a lot.
Zachary Maurer Sep 12, 2012
U live in the Chicago burbs John?
John Serely Sep 12, 2012
In Chicago suburbs, there are a lot ( at least where I live) of guys with SUVs (X5s, Q7s, MLs, Range Rovers) because of the snow. However, a solid AWD sedan (e class, 5 series, CTS etc) work out great for the snow. I guess if you have a TON of snow..
Zachary Maurer Sep 12, 2012
Y not an suv? I would love an suv, but a sedan also wouldn't be practical for Michigan weather, so I'm probably more bias towards an suv
Reid Huff Sep 12, 2012
hopefully a car not an suv
Erik Rudolph Sep 12, 2012
Trade in your x5 then